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Big week guys and girls, and another week where you folks in the Kotaku community continue to amaze me with your generosity, spirit and love of all things bacon. Also — fish fingers.

It's been a busy week for local news this week, so I've felt a little disconnected from everything that's been going on this week. Seems as though some of you have been having a hard time, but of course, everyone came together and was awesome and helped each other out, like we always do in these situations.


Man, so many noms this week. So many. First one to come in was from Jo, who put in nomination for Shoggoth. Shoggoth just absolutely smashed a certain Kotaku troll with such an incredible burn that I had to douse my eyeballs in aloe vera after reading it. SICK BURN BRO!

Genius. And props to Jo for the great nomination.

But then ShiggyNinty. Man, what is it with this guy. On Wednesday I get this email.


What's wrong with Fish Fingers Shiggy? What's wrong?

Maybe I shouldn't ask...

We had some really cool stories last week in the community, but one of my favourites was the Hermes and Thoth saga.

For those of you who don't know, Hermes and Thoth made it to the final five in a massive Microsoft competition. The prize was an all expenses paid trip to E3, and the winners were voted for on the Xbox LIVE dashboard. Hermes and Thoth sent a really cool message to all the Kotaku readers asking for a bit of help, and everyone responded massively — because that's how we do! [Snaps fingers embarrassingly #oldmanserrels]

Hermes and Thoth didn't quite make — he came in second to some guy with 30,000 subscribers on YouTube — BOOOOOOOOOOOO.

But regardless — Hermes and Thoth wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who helped out, so he did it in the best way he knows how. He made another YouTube video!

And we had some noms for Hermes and Thoth — surprisingly not from Strange, who totally has the hots for him. One was from Shane, who is like the nicest dude in the world. Apparently H & T has floated the idea of distributing his runners-up prizes to the Kotaku community. Shane was adamant that he though he should keep his prizes, but it's a nice thought.

Shane also nommed Bish, and I think this nom is good. Shane mentioned just how much attention he pays to everyone in the community, and how he's totally across everything...

He truly cares about the folks here, or at least does a pretty good imitation of it, and is there fighting fires and being attentive, week in week out. I respect, admire and fear his community spirit!

Funnily enough Bish himself nommed Hermes and Thoth. At least I think he did. I totally couldn't read this mental email.


Sweet lord, Bish sends some strange emails. This was one I got earlier this morning.


I had a dream last night.

True story*.

This week, I would like to nom all the people.

"Buh yeh cannae do tha'!" you scream from all the way over in Circular Quay or wherever the offices are.


Well, okay. That's cool.

Nomming Aleph-Null integrating into TAY so well! Between all the birthday wishes, talks of pantslessness and dead baby jokes, it's like he was always here. So that's pretty cool.

I guess also a general shoutout to Freeze and everyone who wished him well and offered to fly him down to this weekend's Meat for some fun.

The last part of Bish's email reminds me of another awesome story from TAY this week...

Freeze has had a bit of a rough week by all accounts. At one point he mentioned how he was close to dropping a heap of cash to fly up to Sydney for the meat up some of us are having. Instantly, like a weirdly awesome Kickstarter, everyone began volunteering cash to help get Freeze up to Sydney. Incredible.

This post, by awesome new TAYbie Aleph-Null summed it up pretty well...

Aleph-Null Can I just say, you guys are freakin’ awesome. Watching everyone band together, buying Freeze a ticket (or awaiting response from said recipient, at least), all the warm greetings I’ve received, and the sheer amount of inane banter that goes on. I love it. Thanks, guys.

There was a big response on the nom front for this whole situation. Here's a selection of quotes...

The generosity of the TAYbies has always been a hallmark of our community, but to see it on display so openly and quickly was amazing. - NovaCascade

A bunch of TAYbies were willing to chip in some money to buy Freeze a plane ticket to Sydney so he can attend Pez's house-warming meat :). I think that's amazing and seeing everyone do that made me all happy that I also offered to throw money towards Freeze's way. So here's a nom to everyone who chipped in! - Greenius

I want to say, how awesome is our community? I nominate the community for being the best. - Scree

There were a lot of noms for Shane, who sort of kicked things off, and noms for Jordi, Cakesmith, #35 and everyone who offered to chip in. Noms from the above folks, and from Red Artifice. A lot of people mentioned Shane specifically because, as we all know, Shane is just an all-round amazing dude who is also a very talented artist and you should buy his graphic novel!

In the end there was a real groundswelling of support for one guy who I also think is awesome. And that guy... is Rocketman.

Here are nice things people said about Rocketman.

He's sort of the little brother of TAY and all of us give him heaps but I think he's starting to really come into his own over the past few months. He's a pretty awesome chap and I know TAY just wouldn't be the same without him. So I'd like to nom Rockets for the journey of awesomeness he has begun, and really hope he continues on it. - Anonymous Pessimist

Rocketman has actually been a voice of reason (I know right?) this week in TAY. Sometimes things just need to be said sometimes, even if it is said with incorrect grammar. - Steve-O

Some TAYbies have been doing their best to cheer up those who have been feeling down, trying their best to turn those frowns upside down. I've noticed Rocketman has been doing this a lot and he gets a nom for keeping positive and making others feel happy. -Greenius

So congrats to Rocketman. You are the winner of this week's Community Kudos!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


Zap roars in at the very last second with noms for Shane, for pumping out quality comments, Scree for telling people to use the report button, and Weresmurf for his solid posting!


    And Strange.

      Hey Zzzzzzzzzap!
      I was supposed to nom you, but... I forgot ._.
      Keep up the good work!


    *sigh* as usual I forgot.. But OH WELL!


    CONGRATULATIONS! To everyone!
    I'm glad to hear Rocketman getting it, he gave me dead island after all when he didn't need to. THANKS MAN! \o/

    'See you tomorrow'? Mark's coming to Pez's?

      Uh, also, congratulations everybody! Depressing start to the week, but a heartwarming finish.

    Thanks guys,
    I really appreciate you guys being always there for me and each other it warms my heart i tells ya. Happy weekend friends.

    yippee! He's the Rocketman! Coo coo cachoo! Happy to see you got it! I was hoping to have time to send in my noms today, but my manager's on holidays AND we were a man down. Of course, one of our databases decided that it would wait until today to shit itself! YAY ME!!!
    Gonna be the same staff wise on Monday too, so I'm sending out a warning to monday now.. DON'T FUCK WITH ME BITCH!
    Most importantly though, yay for teh Rocketman! Glad to hear you got it cos u were to receive one of my aforementioned noms. Freeze was also on my list because reasons. We love you guys! Keep awesome!

    Grats Rocket!

    And nice vid HermesandThoth, still dunno what I did to qualify as a heavyweight but I appreciate the sentiment :)
    Also, nice Serrels stare, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THURRR

      I just love your avatar and I think of you as a dog on a computer.
      Hello Kotaku, yes, this is dog.


    Ok, so it's official. You guys are freaking amazeballs out the wazoo. Or something.
    I recall someone mentioning earlier this week that TAY was a sample taste of warm fuzzies in comparison to Community Kudos. Doesn't even compare.
    I'm not sure if it's because the working week's over, or because my week has been *so* much better since chatting with you guys or because I almost managed to steal my boss' donut this afternoon (So close!), but I'm smiling from ear to ear, which hasn't happened in foreverlongtimes.
    Huge grats to Rocket(Ricket?)man, and a thanks once again for making me feel welcome instantly.

      welcome Aleph-Null! You probably haven't seen me in TAY much this week, but I have seen all! Always happy to see new people coming in and getting on so well! Kudos to you too! :)

    Hermes and Thoth like pants, what is with that. Had we know that we never would have voted for him.
    Nice on rockets, well deserved win. You have been like an ancient Buddhist monk reborn in the clumsy body of a young man recently

    Totally tried to vote for H&T on the 360s at work, but they kept spitting back "Poll is not currently available" at me :(


    I jumped onto minecraft from work thinkign I'll find myself a nice open spot to start building. I forgot my view distance is so short on the work comps I can't tell if I've found a good spot or not :(

      Oh no! this isn't TAY!

      I'd better put my pants on and leave.


    Congratulations Rockets! Turns out I didn't need to worry about my noms getting through after all because everyone I was thinking if was mentioned, anyway. \o/

    And wow, if I ever meet H and T in real life it's gonna be so very awkward.... :P

    I love you guys btw. I missed so many of you out in that video because I made it on like.. Wednesday in my infinite enthusiasm to thank you. So really, let's be honest there was a ton more people I didn't thank, or nom, or whatever.

    Congrats rocketman. Forever reminding me of elton john and being a nice guy.

    The amount of times I actively LOL'd in this about the strange references. So good. Thanks so much for your promotion Mr. Sarrelz. You are as great as this community.
    Everyone, enjoy the meat!

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