Community Review: Minecraft (Xbox 360)

So, Minecraft on Xbox 360 eh? How's that working out for you?

When Minecraft for Xbox 360 was first announced, many were cynical. Others thought it was the best idea ever. I was, predictably, a little lukewarm. I dabbled with Minecraft, but was never truly ensnared by its charms. I'm too old, too stupid and I don't have enough time/skill/imagination.

I haven't bought it yet, but the 360 version intrigues me. There appears to be a little more info in the beginning, a little more tutorial, just to get things started. Also — split screen. This might be something me and my friends/wife/family could play together.

Has anyone got stuck into it yet? I'm hearing mostly good things about the port. It seems as though they've really struck the balance between spoon feeding gamers, and leaving the incredible possibilities of Minecraft open for the player.

I might have to give it a bash.

What did you guys think?


    Im certainly intrigued, but the 1600 points price tag is putting me off as I think I would get bored very quickly.

      I agree @Rusty . I don't know if it would be good enough to keep me playing. I have seen youtube videos like the syndicate project etc and it looks kinda boring.
      I have it and other games for sale at discounted rates over at

    I've heard it's missing a HUGE amount of content compared to the PC version,and the worlds are about 1/50th of the size. Then again, I really really really like the look of the crafting, the real game needs that because looking up guides for recipes is NOT fun.

      You're definitely right that there is a lot of content missing compared to the PC version. The 360 edition is quite a few releases behind, 1.6.6 from what I gather. So much of the newer content is not yet available. However updates will hit the 360 edition hopefully sooner rather than later.

      My only gripe with the 360 edition is the 1000x1000 block world size. This isn't a major issue, as the world still seems large while playing.

      All in all, it's nice to play whilst sitting on your couch, with a controller in hand (rather than trying to mock together settings to replicate this on PC). I like it!

        Don't expect them too often, 360 games cost $40k to patch. So they'll possibly be paid dlc..

      the worlds are 1/50 the size? Ok, that means they will still be larger than any human could explore in their entire lifetime.

        No it means it took me 5 minutes to walk from the start point to an invisiblible wall, this might me a minor inconvenience to a survivalist or crafter, but for some one who likes to explore aimlessly it is a real game breaker.

    I haven't played it (and don't plan to). From what I've seen the major improvements are drop in support (at least in split-screen, if it is actually drop-in), and hints/tutorial style features. I don't see how anyone without the internet would be able to figure out how to craft 90% of the stuff. And the 360 version seems to be pre-1.8 at best which leaves a lot to be desired.

    It's the same version I stopped playing at on PC with built in recipes and split screen multiplayer so I don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything.
    Much, much better than the iOS version.

    It's great. I spent the weekend playing it with my kids. The crafting is improved. Being able to see the ingredients required to be able create certain items adds to the experience and helps you set yourself mini in game goals. The size of the world hasn't and I don't think will become to much of an issue, I never really strayed that far from my spawn point in the PC version. The splitscreen multiplayer is a massive bonus.

    Coming from an avid PC Minecraft player who often plays online, I don't think this version cuts the mustard.
    -I play on a 100 slot server, and I play with more than 8 friends at a time on that server. It also lets me talk to, help, and see the creations of people I don't even know.
    -The server itself is limited to 4KM in every direction. even though its smaller than Minecraft's ultimate limit, is still far larger than the XBox360 map.
    -My Minecraft client is modified with a minimap, Worldedit helpers and graphics enhancements, and makes the game look and run far better than standard,
    -The server has mods, which allow economy, protected regions, minigames, and if you are a higher rank, you have access to WorldEdit, which can do amazing things.

    It seems to be a fun looking port, but without the customisability and hugeness of the original PC game i don't think ill ever find myself playing it.

    It's not as “fantastic” as the PC version, that's obvious, but I'm still really enjoying it!

    I’m having fun playing it in the coziness of my lounge room while teaching my mum to play it too, it’s great – she even built a little house! …Creepers did blow it up about 15mins later, but still…!

    PS if you need a seed, “1987” is amazing. I’m using it right now. :D

    I bought it for my kids because they love playing MC on the PC and the thought of playing split screen was exciting for them. Unfortunately the split screen doesn't actually work for SDTVs (there's an option for 2-way split screen, but it doesn't work). Pretty disappointing. My kids didn't really like it either as it has a lot less content than PC. I'm hoping they patch it up quickly, though I have my doubts and it wouldn't surprise me if instead they focus on paid DLC which would be terrible. If I hadn't played PC then this might be good, but knowing what I'm missing and owning a broken game absoutely sucks.

    It's excellent.

    The main complaints seem to be: small map, older version. The map size is big enough for most people, and as for the "old version"? Well, I have never seen a single comment list a feature the xbox version doesn't have that it absolutely needs to be Minecraft. Sure, it'd be nice to have jungle areas, but we've been told they're coming, and in the meantime we have crafting, survival mode, a decent-sized world and easy multiplayer and the couch factor.

    It is amazingly relaxing to sit back on the couch and play Minecraft with a controller. The in-game tutorial and crafting recipes really streamline the game.

    The comments I've seen scoffing at this version seem to come from tinkerers - those who are happy to alt tab to a wiki to get a recipe, to install a texture pack, to spend so long on the one world that they do need something larger than 1024x1024. To most people, this version of Minecraft is great.

    The tutorial and auto-crafting features are probably the best things about the 360 version of Minecraft. I had a lot of trouble introducing others to the PC version of the game due to the complexity of it, but the 360 version of it actually makes it a reasonably inviting game to play.

    I'm loving the Xbox version of MC.

    I've played 100's of hours on PC MC. I stopped playing on the PC when they introduced hunger/stamina, sort of ruined the experience for me. I love this version.
    Finding a 100% vanilla server for MC on PC was next to impossible, there was always mods of some sort or another active. There was usually some random guy flying around the map and others giving themselves blocks/items instead of having to work for it.

    The crafting system is excellent. If you need a certain item to craft something you want it tells you what you need, no need to reference wiki to check recipes.

    The only negative points I have is the 1024x1024 size map is quite small, i've mined from one side to the other repeatedly already. Also having a button to tell you your grid reference points would be a welcome addition.

    True, there are alot of things in the PC version that this doesn't have like stackable fence posts (can't even put torches on them) but for me this was the version of MC I enjoyed the most and i'm having a blast.

    How do you know it costs that much to patch? Gee Gears of War 1 is like 6 years old and patches seem often enough on that game.

      That's just because you're redownloading the same patch each time, the Xbox only sets aside a small amount of memory for title updates

    I thought about it, got some Microsoft Points, then used those points to get Trials Evolution instead. My son is right into Minecraft but I don't feel like getting it on Xbox in it's current state, let see how the "updates" pan out first

    My sons (I have 4 of them) found the trial version on the Xbox a little over a week ago and they begged me to get it for them. I thought it looked dumb but after the demo kept running out after 40 mins, I could see their frustration. Well, we picked it up and it has been an instant classic in our house. I'm excited to learn from here that there *may* be more patches coming soon for it as I have never experienced the goodness of the PC version. I have found that I too have been sucked in, postponing bedtimes to get a few more diamonds mined.

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