Community Review: Prototype 2

I quite enjoyed the first Prototype game — there was barely any structure to the game, but it served as a decent enough playground. The star of the show was really the upgradeable powers, and the overwhelming feeling 'I AM A MEGA GOD' feeling that came with those powers. I haven't had the time to play Prototype 2 yet, but I'm really keen to hear what you guys thought so far...

The vibe I'm getting so far, is that it's superior when compared to the original. Still as mindless as the original, but featuring enough interesting core mechanics to keep your interest sustained.

It's so stupid, but the game's trailer, which featured the warblings of Johnny Cash and took itself painfully seriously, really put me off to be honest. I think the one thing that could really convince me to invest time in the game would be a set of fun mechanics and that seems to be what the game is in possession of.

So, yeah — folks that have played the game — convince me!


    I didnt like the ending. ;)

      It's petition time baby!

        Oh man, is this going to turn into a new internet meme?

          Going to?
          It already is isn't it?

    Picked it up last week, and I haven't seen that much draw-distance fog since Superman 64!

    Mark, if you want to see painfully serious to point of lols, watch this video from 7:10. Guaranteed laughs or your money back:

      I also wrote this if you wanted some detailed impressions:

      Basically, they've nailed movement for a superhero game but it's ridiculously violent and almost completely devoid of humour. If you just want to fly around and blow shit up, I couldn't recommend it more. If you're looking for a coherent storyline with likeable characters, run in the opposite direction.

    It's a lot of fun, like the original with the exception of the powers, the new power system makes more story sense, but sucks out loud.

    I'll keep this as short as possible, but my ramblings sometimes get out of hand, so BE WARNED
    Prototype had this strange competitor called inFamous when it initially came out, the two were completely different games, InFamous was story driven, choice driven and, ultimately, a weaker more ranged character super hero game. Prototype was almost literally, chase this checkpoint, with a lot of explosions and as someone on here pointed out to me, let you play as Venom from Spiderman, essentially, why include this? Well it's really just to show how the 2 series' evolved. Prototype 2 takes everything great about Prototype 1 but tries to improve upon it. I say tries as there are a lot of failings.
    In P1 you chose how you spent your points and it seemed sort of like you were training with your weapons, which made sense. In P2 your skills come from consuming creatures, ALL of the attack skills anyway, and you don't really have control of where they grow to, which adds to the sense of confusion felt by Heller. I'll remove story completely from this since there is a loose story, with awesome cut scenes, but not enough to actually analyse for any form of review (SPOILER: it takes a sudden, ridiculous turn). If you're an achievement/trophy freak, you're in luck! P2 has few collectibles and the ones it has are on the map from the beginning, if you spend a little time studying it (about 30 seconds).
    As for what to buy, I took up the Radnet version, which seems to add in some of the challenges from the first game (time trials etc) and I'm not sure that they would be in it if you only get the standard. The controls are amazing, you press a combination of buttons and it makes sense. Much like P1 however, if you strip away the graphics, most of this game is follow the checkpoint, consume that guy, done. Is it a buy? If you liked the original then yes, definitely a buy. If you didn't or didn't play the original, then no, I would recommend hiring or borrowing the game because you won't get your money's worth. Like Tristan Damen said, the story (which I liked) is not too in depth but it's pretty solid, except for the blackwatch military, seriously guys WTF, and it's definitely meant to be played by someone who finished Prototype 1

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