Cover Your Eyes, It's The Horror Of Third-Party N64 Contollers

I hated the N64 pad. Hated it. Didn't like the button placement, didn't like the ergonomics, really didin't like the fact the little joystick was broken on half the controllers you ever picked up. But you know what? I could easily live with it if I had the choice between Nintendo's official pad and those offered by third parties. Aside from the awesome arcade stick down the bottom this looks like a poster for a horror movie.

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    Cannot unsee

    Such a bad controller. Mario Party destroyed all of ours. Those thumbsticks were pathetic and undurable.

      Pity I didn't have access to one of these back in the day (only bought it a year or two ago) switches out the standard stick for a GCN style one for great success.

        I have one of those Hori Minipads, they're awesome, the analogue stick is far greater than the garbage N64 one and the shape in general is a lot easier to use.

      Yep, I cringed whenever it came to those minigames when playing mario party with my friends, knowing the joysticks were going to get ruined.

      Have to agree, what horrible thumb-stick design were used for N64 game controllers. Thank goodness they don't use thumb-sticks like that anymore

      However they were comfortable and i had a few of those third party controllers

    ... As ungodly as they were, I miss the things. Ahh nostalgia, how you make us love terrible things

    That said, I do remember using one of them like a flail when I was chasing after my brother one day ... good times

    The control sticks were fine, unless you had a habit of pressing down hard instead of just directing it.

      No they weren't. The problem was the cheap plastic that the sticks are made out of. Take one apart and have a look at the way it has worn away and turned to dust. Apart from their durability though, I really like the N64 controller.

    Competition Pro Was the Best for not wearing out the joysticks! Went through like 3 other Nintendo ones due to Mario Party >.<

    The manta ray takes me back! Such a shit controller, the thumbstick always jammed up! Not helpful in a multiplayer WCW/nWo Revenge match! Lol

    You hated the best controllers the gaming world has seen? Are you really a gamer?

      Who's talking about GameCube controllers now?

        OK, second best... Well played.

    Every time I see an article I either disagree with or hate its written by one "Luke Plunkett"

    I seem to remember Ninty replacing N64 controllers if you sent them back faulty- usually flaccid analog sticks- Is this just rose-tinted nostalgia? Lifetime replacement guarantee seemed like a decent endorsement. I always like the N64 controllers, but GameCube is still my favourite. Still rocking two Wavebirds for increasingly rare MarioKart Wii and Smash Bros sessions.

      Yeah they used to do this, I did it a few times over the years.
      Then they stopped it around the time the GC came out.

      I wish every controller was as comfortable as a GC controller. Thus far nothing else is even close.

    Yeah, shame there's no Hori Minipad there. That thing looks awesome, even if they seem to be overpriced anywhere I see them.

    I don't get the hate for the N64 pad. I mean yeah, the control sticks wore out over time. My ones are still in good condition though, it just depends how you treat them. Plus there's new non-wearing replacement units around now, those things are fantastic. Got a full set for all my controllers, best thing I've ever done. But yeah, the main thing I hear against the N64 controller is complaints like "you can't even reach all the buttons!". ****ing stupid argument, since basically no game requires you to be able to press anything more than those in two hand positions at any given time.

    I miss Perfect Dark.

      The hate for the N64 pad usually comes from idiots. I actually pulled my N64 out of storage a couple of months ago and my female (it does make a difference) house mate held it by the two outer handles and stretched her thumb across to the analogue stick. What makes this even worse is that she claims to have had an N64 when she was young.


        My cousin used to (and probably still would?) use the control stick by pinching it between his index finger and thumb, twiddling it around as though it were a joystick.

    I liked the N64 controller. The joysticks were prone to failure however my biggest issue was that the memory cards and rumble pack needed to use the same slot, so for games that used both you would be forever swapping them over.

    Superpad 64 was great! Still have them somewhere. The sticks didn't get as gritty.

    If there's anyone here that still plays N64 but hates the busted sticks, I'd suggest looking for these replacement sticks, They 1000% times better than the official sticks and have a much longer lifespan than the official ones

    Is the Easy 64 there? I can't tell, it might be under a different name.

    I actualy never had problems whit the joystick.

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