Creator Of 'Satirical' Tentacle-Rape Game Apologises

Satire is a tricky thing — if your goal is to mock something by embracing it, how far can you go until the mockery takes a backseat to the embracing? That's the current question facing Tentacle Bento, a card game focusing on Japanese tentacle rape fantasies which raised a lot of money on Kickstarter (and a lot of ire on the internet) earlier this week before Kickstarter cancelled its funding.

Tentacle Bento was to be a card game that places players in the role of a "horrid, tentacle flailing, slime oozing monster from outer-space", who, disguised as a student at an all-girl's school in Japan, sets after the other girls and "snatches" them in order to enact all manner of imagined tentacale-y violation.

The game proved to be quite controversial, and once word got around, Kickstarter cancelled funding from the project, even though it had hugely exceeded its initial funding goal.

John Cadice, the creator of Tentacle Bento, sat down with Brandon Sheffield, the Game Developer Magazine editor-in-chief and Insert Credit writer who had posted a highly critical op-ed about the game. The two had a lengthy, at-times confrontational conversation about the game.

"First off, we would like to apologise to anyone hurt or upset, rape is in NO WAY the focus or intent of our product and such detestable violence is not condoned or encouraged by Soda Pop or any of our products," Cadice said.

Throughout the interview, Cadice regularly comes back to the idea that Tentale Bento was intended as satire, though it could certainly be argued (as it is by Sheffield in the article) that he doesn't quite back claim that up. In his closing words, Cadice sums up his stance:

I am deeply sympathetic to the arguments presented, and intend no harm with our product, being deeply sorry for any hurt perceived or experienced.

I also very upset by the language used to brand my products, customers and supporters as something they are clearly not. A clear jump to conclusion was made without proper research, and in effect, have done more to drag people down a dark path than any we could possibly create.

We do not depict, peddle, or push sexual subjugation in ANY of our products. No more than the millions of (Insert Popular First Person Shooter) players should be relegated to slander for trivializing controversial military engagements, killing of unarmed civilians, terrorism, propagation of a "gun culture," or something..something…military industrial complex…something…

Sheffield remains unconvinced, saying that while Tentacle Bento plays with the clichés of Tentacle Hentai, it does so directly and not satirically. It may seem like a fine distinction, but I can't say I disagree — especially when re-watching this video of Cadice pitching the game, in which he talks about grabbing a girl, dragging her into a classroom and having a "cram session".

Yes, it's an unfortunate on-camera moment by Cadice. And yes, art is art, and people have the right to express themselves however they please. Kickstarter, of course, can also pull funding on anything they don't wish to support. And satirical intentions or no, this game is… well come on, guys, it's pretty creepy.

The boundaries of humor: an interview with John Cadice, creator of Tentacle Bento [Insert Credit]



    seems like a normal Japanese cartoon to me. Hasn't anyone noticed they are full of this stuff. Why the big deal?

      No I haven't noticed it's full of this stuff, maybe you should turn off the tentacle channel.

      I think you're getting anime mixed up with hentai. It's like confusing an american movie with an american porno.

        I hate how every American movie i watch is the same. Some delivery Guy shows up with a 'package', a hot blonde answers the door and then sex for half an hour.

        Would love to agree...

        But anyone who has been watching any anime recently would know that most anime is either moe or fanservice these days anyway <.<

    I see no reason to apologize. Screw it, I'm sick of the world bending over for people who can't just deal with something that happened in the past and move on, their making it far worse than it has to be, same with aboriginals in Australia, still going on about shit that happened before any of them where even born! God damn it mankind, I am disappoint.

      Excuse me. But what exactly do Aboriginals have to do with tentacle rape?

        read what they wrote again you sped and you'll see how it relates... i agree with otaku!

          I agree with otaku aswell

          So what you're saying is that you can see a connection between an event that was never acknowledged as having occurred by the perpetrators nor apologised for until decades later after continued pushing by a nation of people to an event that happened at most 5 days ago and was acknowledged and voluntarily apologised for.

          Logic! How does it even work!?

            "I’m sick of the world bending over for people who can’t just deal with something that happened in the past and move on"

            While 'deal with something that happened in the past' may not be the best way to describe what happened in this case. I do see your meaning and completely agree.

            Basically. the moral of the most for those who are nit-picking, is 'Build a bridge'. From all sides of society we see those who have personally done no wrongs or harm being vilified for the indiscretions of others.

            Infinity ward - the Russian airport level sparked massive outrage because of terror fears sparked from 9/11 etc etc

            I am alive was held off for ages (years i believe) because of the 9/11 attacks also as it depicted destroyed towers.

            Here in Oz we constantly get denied games because of our flawed rating system and the mainstream fear of violent games turning kids into serial killers, all because of some dickhead psycho in Hobart. Its fucking ridiculous.

            The problem is how politically correct every facet of our life is becoming. Its sick.

            Japanese hentai is EVERYWHERE in japan. and guess what? It is one of the safest places in the world.

            anyway that's off the topic. Australia is Australia now deal with it*. we live in an equal opportunity country where if your driven enough you can get an education and be somebody. for some its harder because of personal situations yes but the Opportunity is still there. And if I'm not correct don't the indigenous (who in my eyes are as indigenous as me, i was born here too...) also get government payments?

            Yes, they should build a bridge and so should the naysayers to this CARD-GAME. Its well within peoples opinions to like/dislike/love/hate something but don't impose your bullshit onto others.

            Dee Dee - its not about aboriginals and tentacle rape its a matter of context to the OP's statement.
            Ahtaps - read *

            /end rant

    What are some female perspectives on this? Given that both the articles condemning the game were written by men...

      Come now, we don't need female opinions on these things. If there's one thing the internet (and Kotaku especially) have taught me lately, it's that man are perfectly eager to jump up in defense of women. I mean, it's not like every time something like this comes up we're inundated by comments from women who get the joke and have no problem. It's not like men puff out their chests to act as bold defenders of women when these things are mentioned, and it's certainly not as if there is any great irony in men feeling as though they must defend women from the slings and arrows of a sexist world.

      Nope, we can just plow on ahead like we have been, with scores of guys speaking for the poor defenseless ladies of the world, putting on their shiny armour and flexing their manly muscles as they feel so good about themselves for being so very enlightened.

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