Crysis 3 Screens A New York City In Dire Need Of A Landscaper

All kinds of vegetative devastation happens to the Big Apple in EA's upcoming threequel. We've already gotten a preview of the new mechanics and weapons of the Cryek-developed FPS but these new screens show even more detail than before.

Flooded streets, crumbling buildings and a scarcity of any other human beings hint that this Crysis will be a different, moodier affair than Crysis 2 when it hits next year.

Note: Images appear as they did today on the site All Games Beta

Crysis 3 [All Games Beta, via Reddit]


    I was beginning to think that old mate only had a sci-fi bow to use. I see they're being real hip and jive with the arrow jokes.

    A bow with a laser sight, really?

    It is so futuristic the laser sight accounts for wind, arc, velocity etc that arrows are affected by more so than bullets.

    Cool. Indeed.

      I think it's safe to assume that bow is much more stronger than a standard bow, so it's not affected by wind as much. You have a nanosuit to draw it afterall.

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