Cubes Is The Latest Game I Want To Hate But Can't Stop Playing

Simple can be fun. Simple can be addictive Simple can also be frustrating. Cubes — developed by George Buckenham — manages to be all three in beautifully annoying fashion.

The only thing you need to do with this indie game is tilt the device to avoid the never-ending onslaught of the titular shapes heading at you. It's not like you're playing a first-person shooter where bullets fly at you in terribly threatening fashion. As you play, a series of visual effects and distortions distract and soothe you. Overall, there's an oddly meditative feel to the experience. But there's stress too, as the randomised patterns constantly keep you guessing and reassessing where to "move" next.

Honestly, though, it's the great ambient pop soundtrack from Popolo that keeps me coming back to Cubes. Every time I want to throw my iPad to the ground, the swooping synths sand swirling aesthetic pulls me back in. Damn it all.

Cubes [iTunes App Store]


    It's coming. A game unlike anything you've ever seen.
    Prepare yourself... for CUBE
    In development for over a decade, cube will take you to a whole new dimension of computer games.
    Featuring the latest in 3D pictures and technologies that make calculators look like the cotton gin.
    Pick up your control switch, and enter another world. You are now CUBE - DEFENDER OF THE POLYVERSE.
    Collect the diamonds and reach the goal! Every goal leads to a new colour level; Blue, Green, Orange. The fun can not be halted.
    But be careful. You will face many obstructions in your path. It's up to you to guide CUBE around the things CUBE can't go through!
    And just maybe, if you're brave enough, and enough of a "game-master", you will reach Level:Red where you will face the DREADED CONE.
    Coming to your neighbourhood dimension...sooooooooooooooooooon

    *only available on the Monotech Power Game Unit.
    Monotech, "Game Future"!

      Bravo, sir. Bravo.
      Exactly what I needed this morning.

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