David Hayter On Solid Snake, Voice Acting And Why He Wants To Move To Australia

David Hayter — he's best known for being the voice of Solid Snake, but he's also a very successful actor and screenwriter. Our very own Elly Hart managed to catch up with him to talk voice acting, Australia, and how he's managed to voice Snake without tearing his vocal chords to shreds.


    Elly's getting all the voice actors to come to Australia it seems. :P

    Hayters gonna Hayte...

    Why is Elly's questions subtitled? Is it so the yanks can understand?

      Oh god, I typed in .com.au and this comment was all worth it.

    Awesome! "How attached is he to it?" Such a good line.

    I gotta say these are good questions

    I'd love to know what his ideas for the Metal Gear Solid movie screenplay were.

    Oh god that voice gets me every time...

    Snake wants to live in Australia. That's a good one.

    I will never trust a celebrity saying to a reporter that they want to move to Australia. I bet they say that to every country.

    Awesome ending to the video - was waitin' for him to bust out the voice. Cool video. More like this would be great KotakuAU.

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