David McLean, Head Of Microsoft’s Game Division In Australia, Resigns

David McLean, Head Of Microsoft’s Game Division In Australia, Resigns

David McLean, head of Microsoft’s consumer channels group and, hence, the driving force behind Microsoft’s game division in Australia, has resigned after 15 years with Microsoft.

“Microsoft can confirm that after 15 years with the business, including the past year as Consumer Channels Group (CCG) lead, David McLean has made the decision to leave the business to pursue other interests,” read a statement from Microsoft. “He has made a strong contribution to the business and we wish him well for the future. The CCG business will report directly to Microsoft Managing Director, Pip Marlow, until a new appointment has been made.”

David McLean’s remit went beyond just games — he was also responsible for strategy in Windows PC, Windows Phones, and various other areas — but he was the face of Microsoft’s Game Division in this country, so it’s a shame to see him go.

Also, he presented myself and Tracey with our awards at this year’s IT Journo awards — thanks for that David, and good luck with your future endeavours!


  • Hmm. I wonder why. when someone big like this steps aside it’s either because there were problems at the company or they got a sweeter gig elsewhere. I wonder if Microsoft is downsizing their gaming presence in Australia after we lost all those local studios last year.

    • That isn’t always the case. Some become burnt out and need a break before they jump into something else challanging and some make the decision because of family. I’m not saying you are wrong but there is more than just the two reasons you have given.

  • I saw him speak at Microsoft’s Education Roadshow last year in Melbourne where he was speaking about using Kinnect in education, very enthusiastic speaker. His talk was certainly the highlight of the day for me.

  • Heard him to speak to me and the rest of this years University Microsoft rep’s, he was an amazing spokesmen for Microsoft’s business value and spoke a lot about how he had there was a better receptiion of windows phone 7.. Wouldn’t have picked him to leave the company

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