Designing A Better Face For Mass Effect's Tali

There comes a point in Mass Effect 3 where, your actions permitting, you get to see what Tali looks like under her mask. To say it's a crushing disappointment is to take the piss.

Rather than stew in her own rage and/or send hostile emails to BioWare employees, Finnish artist K4ll0 decided to set things right and do the job properly. "How she looks here is based on my views of Quarian biology, geography of Rannoch, codex/dialogue, and earlier Quarian concepts", she writes, which basically means "her face looks like everything else Quarian in the game looks".

I like it!

Tali'Zorah [DeviantArt]


    How about they just use ANY of the concept art they already had for Quarians?

    I like it too, but imagine it wasn't as 'typical hot human female' as Bioware wanted to appease the date simulator crowd Tali fan club.

    Everything is fine except for the eyes.

      What's wrong with them? Tali's eyes glow behind her face-shield so I would think this was a fair approximation.

    Considering my Shep went for Tali in number 2 and 3 respectively, i think this is kinda how i pictured her anyway.

    The accent made me think gypsy/romani - which was immediately clarified by the fact that her people are basically space gypsies who find everything they own and fix it up on the fly.

    So taking that into account the interesting lines and something that at least looks like facial tattoos make sense for this character i would say.

    Besides, who wouldn't wanna hook up with a 3 toed space gypsy?

    Here's the version without the mask obsuring large parts of the face.

    Along with a run down on what prompted his design decisions

    My only problem is that the nose tube thing looks way too much like Dick Dastardly's mustache.

      And now I can't unsee that

    I'm yet again amazed by the superior efforts of the fans to create a vision of Tali that makes a joke of that lazy photoshop Bioware threw into the game.

    This is pretty much in line with what I invisioned Tali (and Quarians in general) to look like although it's perhaps a little bitmore angular and with more holes in her face (which actually sorta make sense to me when I consider how Quarians evolved on Rannoch). The eyes are a little unnerving but then eyes like that are simply a must since that was their one facial feature you could actually see through the masks.
    I'd like to see this fully modelled in game and talking while Tali fidgets and talks herself into babbling nervously while Shephard hits on her.

    That's an awesome looking Tali!

    I always pictured them as being really pale, cause they're pretty much stuck in their suits and can't get out for a sunbathing.

    Yeap, still playing Mass Effect 3 here, don't want unavoidable spoilers in the news feed...
    Be more considerate in future, Luke Plunkett

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