Designing A Better Steam, For Both PC And TV (and Phones!)

Unlocks aside, Valve's Steam service works pretty damn well. One thing it's always been a little lacking in, though, has been its appearance. The latest redesign helped, but it's still a little cluttered, a little messy.

So designer Josh Collie thought he'd take a swing at redesigning the thing. I like what he's come up with. I like it a lot.

Not only has he refrained from making any dramatic changes, instead opting to just spruce up the existing colour scheme, but the way he's simplified things would make it a little easier to use, especially for those new to the world of PC (or, you know, Mac) gaming.

Best part? It would work on a big screen TV, something the current system struggles with (to the point Valve is working on a "big picture" mode just for them).

Steam Redesign [Josh Collie, via Reddit]


    I like it too, just looks more crisp, simple, works more. Think a re-design would be nice.

    That looks pretty cool.
    The only problem I have with it is the "Featured games" going off the sides of the window. That just looks a little odd. Other than that, it looks way better than Steam does.

    I wonder what a Metro version of Steam would look like?

      Don't give Steam any ideas.... Metro UI looks atrocious as it is for a PC... unless if it was on a tablet

    It's marginally better. Good on him for trying!

    Something that has always annoyed me about steam is it's download system. The download statuses rarely reflect the actual status, the est. dl times are never accurate, pause and resume never work properly, downloads will sometimes randomly go into suspended mode and stay like that for long periods of time for no reason. Not to mention the speed graphs have a changing scale with no markings so it is almost pointless. Before anything gets changed on the gui side, can we get some changes to the download system first.

    It looks fine... runs like shit and consumes a ridiculous amount of resources though.

    Looking forward to Big Picture Mode.
    Put a PC in the lounge with it and try to decide if I care about the next generation of consoles

    The only thing that really annoys me almost every time I use Steam is the fact that when you're browsing games there's no way to go back to where you were in the list.

    Were you foolish enough to want more info on a game? Bahahaha... now you must scroll through the entire list of search results again to get back to where you were.

    It's really bad for any game that ends up on the bottom of the list, because it's so frustrating that I rarely look beyond about the 3rd page of results.

    Thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail.


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