Developer Leaks Photo Of Updated Wii U Controller. Check Out Them Sticks!

The image here, which popped up on Twitter not long ago but has now — unsurprisingly — vanished from the internet, shows what looks like, at first glance, a tablet controller for Nintendo's Wii U. Except it's not quite the same as the promo shots and preview devices we've seen. For one thing, it has real-proper analogue thumb sticks, instead of the flat, nub-like ones of the old model.

Other than the sticks, there's not a great deal that's changed. There's a Wii U logo and the Start / Select buttons have shifted to the right-hand side of the controller. There's a square-like mark on the left, below the direction pad, that reminds me of an iPhone's home button, but seeing as there is, you know, an actual button with a house on it already, I don't think that's what it is.

GamesRadar reports that image was posted by a "QA tester at Traveller's Tales Games (makers of the LEGO series)". As I mentioned, the link to the image the article provides is now dead, likely a result of someone high up asking said QA tester "What the hell did you just do?" before firing them for potentially compromising their relationship with Nintendo.

OK, I hope that's not what happened, but I don't think anyone will be giving the alleged leakster a gold star and a pack of gummy bears for his efforts.

Revised Wii U controller image leaks to Twitter — actual analog sticks, other minor changes shown [GamesRadar]


    Still looks as comfortable as a brick...

      the videos of people who have tried out the Wii U have said its surprisingly light and comfortable for something that looks like a brick.

      It is, It's so awkward to hold. Guaranteed as soon as people drop it, the screen will crack as well

        Really? That's a ridiculous claim. I hope you've shown yourself out.

        Have you ever dropped a gameboy / DS?

        You could murder someone- blunt trauma via nintendo handheld before it's structural integrity is lost.

    If this is true its a good sign that Nintendo is actually listening to feedback and implementing changes. As i said before when people were saying the pad sucks because it has circle/slide pads, it was early units and change was possible for the final product.

    Smart move Nintendo if its true.

      It looks like Nintendo are well on their way to designing the console that will do everything we could ever hope for. I can imagine playing a multiplayer FPS online, while using the touch screen to chat with friends. When parents say to their kid, "Hey, we're coming on this TV" they can simply bring up the game on their Wii U controller and continue playing. Motion, touch, camera, awesome graphics, awesome IP's - I think we have a lot to be excited about. Fingers crossed for a HD Zelda at E3.

        Even as a longtime Nintendo fanboy, I wouldn't hold out for much third party support once the next gen Xbox and Playstation come out. That being said though, their first party titles are going to be amazing, can't wait for a HD Zelda or Metroid - Imagine having the different visors showing up on the controller and actually physically looking around for secrets!

    Is it just me, or is the controller a lot wider now? And what's that port at the bottom of the controller? looks like hdmi.

      The port at the bottom is where you charge it. Ala docking station.

        I thought that's what one of the cables from the top of the controller were?

          It does look a little wider, but the D-Pad has been moved in a bit, which makes it seem that there's more padding around the edges

      I've got no problem if it is wider since playing with the Wiimote/Nunchuk combo I found my hands like it better when they're wider apart than together,

      I just hope its not too heavy

    Step in the right direction, not entirely convinced yet but I suspect I will be the minute I see Pikmin 3.

    The thing I keep thinking is, how do you not accidentally brush your palm against the dpad and face buttons when using the sticks?

      Well, generally most people tend to use analogue sticks with their thumbs rather than their fingers. Because of this, the thumb reaches around to the stick as the palm rests against the side of the controller, rather than hovering over the top.

    Whatever that button under the D-Pad is, there's another next to the power button.

      I've been thinking about that too, my only conclusion is that the one next to the power button is the synchronization button, but as far as the one beneath the D-pad ... you got me.

    Well... i trust nintendo with controllers so ill give it the benefit of the doubt for now.

    Bring back game cube controller! ;)

      In japan, they never went our of production. You can still buy- brand new white ones with 3m long cords from softmap.

    Good choice Nintendo! I would still prefer concave tops, but yeah...I wont even be buying one until I know there will be good games to play anyway.

    Another suggestion, due to the amount of real estate on the controller, why can't they have two other spots for the joysticks to be pulled out and moved to what ever config you want. I like how the xbox controller is set-up and I would move the top right j/s to the bottom right...I realise this would make it a little more expensive, but yeah. Just a suggestion.

    Check out the cable at the top. Looks like I'm going to have another place to change my 3DS. Nintendo arn't exactly known for listening to fans, but the sucess of operation rainfall and now this bodes well for the company.

    the right analogue stick above the abxy buttons seems like it would be crazy awkward to use

    Now make it black and I'll consider it.

    I think flat was better. . . With it raised like that surely the palm of your hand will be resting on the ABXY buttons occasionally now

      I think your palms would be on the sides, with your fingers curling round the back. But most people prefer sticks to the circle pads so it's a wise decision.

    There's a white square button underneath the D-pad and next to the power button, it could be to change page orientation?
    Judging by the two pictures it is a bit wider, since the original design looked troublesome in regards with the thumbstick placement, it just made it look like the thumb would rest on the buttons.

    The buttons still look horrendously small. I mean just look at all that real estate and we've got buttons about the size of the Wii's 1 &2 buttons?

    Oh thank god. There's still hope yet.

    They really should have a second set of Start and Select buttons over on the left of the screen. That was one of the few things I hated about the DS going from the GBA, you had to use your right thumb to pause. Sure, it seems strange using the left now after so many years of going right, but left makes sense since you're more likely to be holding down one of the right hand buttons when you want to pause, eg while playing Mario Kart. You don't want to stop accelerating to pause the game. Or if you're holding down some kind of charge attack etc.

    At least if there were two of them you would be able to do whichever suits you at the time, like on controllers where you could still just reach into the middle of the thing.

    Now that's one sexy beast:)

      You may be the only person who thinks that...

        I also value the sexyness of the beast.

    I preferred the look of the "nub" thumb sticks, but these will probably be more useable. It's nice to see Nintendo is taking the steps to ensure this console's release is a success. I really hope this brave move works out for them.

      I hope it has fun games that let me sit while playing them. If so, it's an instabuy.

        I can't think of a single Wii game that I didn't/couldn't play sitting down.

          Monopoly and any Game Party. You spend more time walking over to rip the adapter chord out of the wall (because your eyes are bleeding so much you can't find the power button to do it the correct way) than you do actually playing.

    Excellent, I much prefer proper sticks over the slide pads.

    Is it just me or does the controller look even bigger now? There's just so much empty space around the screen, I feel that either the screen should be bigger, the buttons a little bigger, and/or the controller smaller.

      it does looks huge! haha

    Shifting to analog sticks rather than the circle pad of the 3DS is an excellent move. Rather than pulling the circle pad to the side, you're now pushing an analog stick. That's my biggest grievance with the 3DS and I'm glad they've gone with this design.
    Assuming the pic is real, and it looks pretty good to me.

    They're still calling it the Wii U??? /facepalm

    It's going to be baus.

    It's going to be baus.

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