Developers — Lifehacker Wants To Meet You!

Developers — Lifehacker Wants To Meet You!

You guys and girls are so awesome you just spontaneously have your own meet-ups all around the country — but Lifehacker? Well its looking to host a meet-up that is developer focused. We seem to have a lot of developers here at Kotaku, so I thought I’d let you guys know.

For all the details, your best bet would be to head here, to Lifehacker, to sign up — but here’s a rough summary…

Lifehacker is holding four events: Brisbane on Tuesday June 5, Sydney on Wednesday June 6, Melbourne on Tuesday June 12, and Perth on Wednesday June 13. The event is designed to help developers meet, share ideas and network with one another.

You can register on Lifehacker at this address.

Good luck everyone!


  • Hey Mark do the organisers have any problem with students attending? I have some friends studying computer science and I’m sure they would be interested to network with some local devs.

  • Lifehacker scares me, all those articles on health and ‘time optimisation,’ it’s like they’re trying to make me feel bad for just enjoying mah dang life >_>

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