Diablo III Has The Best Installation Music I've Heard In Years

I've been giving Blizzard and Diablo III a lot of crap for the game's disastrous launch, but I don't mean to give the impression that I don't like Diablo III as a game. In fact, I like it quite a bit! All of the little touches Blizzard has included are splendid and hugely enhance the overall experience of playing the game.

From the moment I put the DVD into my PC's drive, the game reached out and grabbed me. Not with its much-touted click-click-click gameplay or blood-spattered graphics, but with a guitar solo. I'm looking forward to really digging into the soundtrack once I've finished the game and have a better sense of how all of the compositions fit in.

The "New Tristram Theme" plays as the game installs, and it is utterly wonderful. It puts you right in the mood to go on an epic adventure, and is very long to boot, meaning it doesn't repeat endlessly as the game installs.

Dig the way the melody leans on that tritone, the fifth note in the motif here. Diabolus in musica, inded.


    "Warning, Military Software detected. Top Secret Clearance Required"

    Only music track I liked in the game. It's awesome, same sort of thing as Torchlight (yeah yeah I know) but sadly there isn't that many similar tracks in there.

      Note: Diablo 1 and 2 was composed by Matt Uelman, who left Blizzard to work at Runic, makers of Torchlight.
      This sing is based off his work.

        Song, damn phone.

          I thought it was some new internet lingo. 'Sing' for 'thing'

      Diablo 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47QvMRhf2k0
      Diablo 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XheJnmLAwhk

    As soon as it started up I felt all kinds of nostalgic. Then I cursed because it was only about 1pm and there was 4 hours left until launch.

    I was too busy taking to the ramparts and battlements and yelling my disdane for Blizzard to all who would listen, and some of those who wouldn't.

    Also, working on my Deckard impression.

    Ha-rod-a-rick, Cuooobe. Heh-Rod-rack Cuebe. Sit a while, Listen.

    needs work.

    I seriously didn't notice the music whilst installing...

    I think deckard's voice sounds like crap

      I'm nasty, I'm old and a little bit ornery, I look like Patrick Stewart and sound like Sean Connery.

      Anyone notice that the guy who did the Prince in Warrior Within is also doing voice acting in this game? Everytime I hear him I keep wondering why the Prince of Persia (and Zhed from Guild Wars) is in Diablo 3

    wish i could actually get to the install screen to begin with :(

    Sounds almost identical to the theme that plays when you first turn up in the rogue encampment in Diablo II.

    Love me some Tristram theme :)

    yeah. the sound design in this game is phenomenal across the board. I'm trying to work out the nostalgia-rush-to- empirical-awesomeness ratio... but anyhow the net effect is a big smile on my noggin.

    "Diablo III Has The Best Installation Music" no it doesn't

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