Diablo III Is Now LIVE

After eleven years, the next entry in the Diablo series is now unlocked, open and ready to go. Or, at least, it should be. If you've got the client installed, have at it! And if you have any problems, comments or excited thoughts, please, leave them below.


    Let the time outs, failed log in attempts and the melting of Blizzard's servers begin!

    Got a mate ranting on Steam chat cause he can't log in. I think I'll wait til tomorrow to install my copy.

      Bro, install it now, (attempt to) play it later.

    Error 37 is currently the bane of my existence, and I assume countless other gamers.
    May Blizzard take mercy on our souls!

      Update: Blizzard/battle.net sites are down.
      Gonna be a fun night.

        UpdateUpdate: 40 attempted logins, 38 instances of error 37, 2 instances of error 3007; connection timeout.

          log in at least 100 times, still getting error 37, it looks like we all getting it

          Diablo 3 was live, but then it took 37 arrows to the knee...

    it is live, not like anyone can login
    i ber aussies have lowest priority, but whats new?

      Actually Australia is lumped in with the Americas. So, no.

        or, we have this thing called IP address' and machines and people can tell your local from them, and one could hypothetically give preference to one over another .
        i know science is a shocker, but once you get past all the fuzzy lights im sure you'll get through ;)

          We also have a thing called grammar. Not that you'd know anything about that though.

            Yeah, cause I'm sure that the Blizzard servers are specifically looking for Australian IP addresses and seperating them out to put them in a low priority queue to fix a problem with their servers. *rolls eyes*

    Eeeeewww... its chunky :(

    Having quite a few log in problems.. and diablo3.com is unresponsive

    oh yes all of that. been trying for 20 mins now and nothing. keep getting error's. and now even the forums seem to be responding very, very slowly..

    It's Cataclysm launch day all over again!

    I thought I'd try this for laughs - www.error37.com It's up, unlike the Diablo servers

    Apparently the eu servers stabilized around 3 or 4 hours after launch, so we all might be waiting till 8 o'clock or so.

    I managed to log in, but character creation is the next hurdle. Error 300008 and 3006 are my current nemeses.

    This is pretty much what I expected, and also pretty much the reason I wish the single player could be played offline.

      i got error 300005
      you gotta catch 'em all!

    This is why online DRM on SP games should make you furious. You bought a SP game and now cannot play it because they don't have enough servers. On launch day, no less.

      There is actually several reasons Blizzard have online only for the SP, I suggest you go and read up on them.

        You are a fool. Why can't single player be separate from bnet (multiplayer) like it has been since ummmmm before sc2?

          Because then you had to have seperate characters for single and multi and blizzard wanted you to be able to do both with 1 character, but unfortunately item hacking and cheating in Diablo was a massive problem in Diablo 2.

          After 35 minutes I created my character and was able to play, complaining about it being unavailable for under an hour is a real first world problem.

            Boy have you drunk the cool aid. Its a single player/small group coop game. That doesn't explain the issue, unless you can't choose who to play with, who cares if some people in some places are "cheating". Like literally every other coop game - I've never heard anyone complain about item dupe in Borderlands.

            This was always about the Auction House.They should be derided for even one single-player time-out, let alone several million.

            And first world problems are still a problem. Kind of like how murder is still a problem even though its not a genocide.

              wow, comparing murder and genocide to not being able to login to Diablo 3... yep, for the next 2 weeks I am just going to ignore people complaining about Diablo and Blizzard as the internet seems to just be a valve for the venting of steam by angry consumers.

      It does make me wonder why Blizzard bothered with Stress Testing if they couldn't scale the server farms to match the load. And surely their experience with WOW would mean this sort of thing should be avoidable.

    I have successfully logged in! But can't create a character... :( Request has timed out error.

      this is my problem too... at character creation but timing out when i hit create hero every time >:(

        just got a new error "cannot create character due to party state" or something along those lines...
        now the "Create Hero" button has been greyed out and i cant do shit... might have to alt+F4 it :(

    error 37 :(

    Its all broken... Might try in a weeks time.

    I've made it past the authentication twice but timed out on the retrieving heroes.

    complete BS! why would you make a single player game totaly totally reliant on online servers? i get the activation thing for securrity and crap, but this just blows digital chunks!!

    Same as everyone else here. Going to jump on to XBox live and shoot some people on BF2 for a bit to calm down.

    As usual. Typical Blizzard releases.

    I can get to the log in screen but the login bar is shaded out...

      Derpa derp

    Paid money waited for 5pm Can't play Not Happy Jan !!!!

    Unfortunately because we're part of the "Americas" us and the US are all trying to log on at the same time.

    Their servers just collapsed under the weight of 4million gamer nerds ;P

    Timing out on character creation at the moment for me

    It is a single player game WTF

    Cant login :(
    it says servers are too busy.
    If you want me to be connected all the time, the least you can do is to have your servers up all the time ><

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