Diablo III Just Became The Most Preordered PC Game In Amazon History

With just five short days before Blizzard's diabloical threequel hits store shelves, Amazon declares Diablo III the most preordered PC game in the online retailer's history, surpassing StarCraft II and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Blizzard must hate itself right now.


    Would be nice to have some facts to back this up.
    How many pre-orders is it?


        Amazon haven't revealed numbers, just that it's the most pre-ordered PC title. Most of the media reporting this was told directly by representatives from Amazon, thus the lack of a source.

    Excitement factor 5,000

      Out of 10?

        I am, how do you say, 'pumped' for this game yes?

    Tell me more of this The Diablo III

      Ok. But you'll need to stay a while and listen.

        Hahaha, I saw what you did there!

        Stay a while... Stay forever! Muhahahahahahwahahaha

    It seems that every game is breaking pre-order records somewhere....whoop di do

    For all those that need quick lesson in Diablo

    My copy of Diablo 3 apparently began shipping yesterday! According to EB Games it could be here today, or Monday or Tuesday. I am quite enthused.

      awesome would be so great if i got mine early to look at

        Hands outta your pants please

      Not sure why you would be excited about that, not like you can do anything with it until they flip the switch :)

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