Diablo III Runs Fine On My MacBook Air

Diablo III Runs Fine On My MacBook Air

Owners of MacBook Airs, if you have the 13-inch that I have, you’re fine. Diablo III will run on it and be perfectly playable. Take a look at the video here to see it run on my late-2011 Air at both default settings and low settings.

I ran the beta on my Air last September, which has led to many people e-mailing me, asking if the finished game can run. Here’s your answer!

My computer specs: 1.7GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 3000 384MB

My preferred Diablo III settings: Fullscreen, 1440×900, 150 FPS (foreground), 30 FPS (background), Low texture quality, Low shadow quality, Low physics, Low clutter density, Anti-Aliasing on. (The game defaulted to higher settings, which I also tested in the video; it introduced minor lag in some enemies and support characters)


    • wow, im so glad to see this, as im installing diablo 3 on my macbook pro with the same graphics card as yours now. Hope it runs smoothly for me too!

  • It runs pretty poorly on my Asus N61 which has an 1.6GHz i7 and ATI 5730M 1GB.
    I put everything on low and turn the res down to 1280×800 (lower than the native res) and it still has the odd bit of slow down.
    Bit of a bummer so I’m doing my research on new laptops but everything is so pricey argh!

    Any suggestions for a decent sub $1800 laptop? Ivy bridge CPU, dedicated graphics and 15″ or smaller would be ideal 🙂

    • Alienwear M11X
      i got mine for around $1000 a year ago, has a 1GB dedicated Nvidia card, havent tried D3 on it (as i have a real rig) but since it runs starcraft2 on high it should be fine, also mine only has a core2duo which they dont offer any more so it should be even easier to run 😉

  • Cool! I haven’t got Diablo yet as I assumed my Air wouldn’t be able to play it. This changes everything!

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