Diablo III Runs Fine On My MacBook Air

Owners of MacBook Airs, if you have the 13-inch that I have, you're fine. Diablo III will run on it and be perfectly playable. Take a look at the video here to see it run on my late-2011 Air at both default settings and low settings.

I ran the beta on my Air last September, which has led to many people e-mailing me, asking if the finished game can run. Here's your answer!

My computer specs: 1.7GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 3000 384MB

My preferred Diablo III settings: Fullscreen, 1440x900, 150 FPS (foreground), 30 FPS (background), Low texture quality, Low shadow quality, Low physics, Low clutter density, Anti-Aliasing on. (The game defaulted to higher settings, which I also tested in the video; it introduced minor lag in some enemies and support characters)


    Wow, glad to see the awful integrated graphics in the Air can do anything at all.


      How are they awful? What do you expect from integrated graphics. The air isn't built to be a gaming laptop.

      Why makes it awful? It runs Diablo 3 and the laptop is crazy thin, I'm failing see the awfulness.

      wow, im so glad to see this, as im installing diablo 3 on my macbook pro with the same graphics card as yours now. Hope it runs smoothly for me too!

    It runs pretty poorly on my Asus N61 which has an 1.6GHz i7 and ATI 5730M 1GB.
    I put everything on low and turn the res down to 1280x800 (lower than the native res) and it still has the odd bit of slow down.
    Bit of a bummer so I'm doing my research on new laptops but everything is so pricey argh!

    Any suggestions for a decent sub $1800 laptop? Ivy bridge CPU, dedicated graphics and 15" or smaller would be ideal :)

      Alienwear M11X
      i got mine for around $1000 a year ago, has a 1GB dedicated Nvidia card, havent tried D3 on it (as i have a real rig) but since it runs starcraft2 on high it should be fine, also mine only has a core2duo which they dont offer any more so it should be even easier to run ;-)

        Looks like you can't get them any more. Might check out the other sizes though.

    Cool! I haven't got Diablo yet as I assumed my Air wouldn't be able to play it. This changes everything!

    Cool! I carry my Air alla round the world, the big gaming machine obviously does not come along..

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