Diablo III Will Let You Play On Any Region's Server

Developer Blizzard today released a full list of the region servers that will be available in Diablo III, again reiterating that you'll be able to play on any region's server in the upcoming action-roleplaying game.

Game servers will be divided into three regions: The Americas, Europe and Asia. Any player will be able to pick any server to use, although you won't be able to transfer characters or items from server to server. You can switch between servers as many times as you'd like.

Here's a full breakdown of the server regions:

The Americas - For players in the US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. Europe - For players in the European Union, Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, and Middle Eastern countries such as Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Asia - For players in South Korea and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Auction houses, stashes, friends lists and most other individual info will be region-specific and won't transfer when you switch regions.

Blizzard's last game, StarCraft II, placed a strict region-lock on many of its servers. To play on multiple region's servers in most cases, you'd have to buy multiple copies of the game.

Diablo III Global Play FAQ [Blizzard]


    "The Americas"? So I'll be stuck with the 200 - 1200 ping I endured for the beta? That's pretty disappointing.

      It's extremely dissappointing considering everyone I'll play with is local and we'll all be getting a crap ping. I can see this making the game unplayable in AU. If it is I'll be asking for a refund.

      If you played SC2 you would likely know a bulk of Australians get much higher pings to the SEA server, due to unfriendly bounces.

        It's still playable.
        The free BATA weekend was very different to the normal closed BETA.
        People play WOW fine on us servers in AUS.

          I was in the closed BETA and was very impressed with the latency I was getting. No more than a half second of delay between clicks - and those servers weren't even fully decked out, so I hope the full release will improve on that (marginally).

            Why are we all capitalising beta now?

              I didn't even notice I did it. Still on work-autopilot I suppose :p

              Same reason the 4th koala fell out of the tree.

              Because 'wade' did it.

          What! ppl do not play wow fine on us server, the lowest ping i saw playing wow was 300 to 350 when americans get what.... 20ms?. This is not fine and i will also ask for a refund if i lag in diablo3 like i did in the BETA.

        Good point, but I'd rather a server in Sydney or something than SEA. Surely it'll be popular enough?

      If they won't implement real Oceanic (read Australian) servers for World of Warcraft then it was unlikely we'd see the same for Diablo III.

      I was told Bigpond offered to host the WoW servers for Australia and Blizzard declined because they wouldn't have absolute control over it, eugh. Such an annoyance. Though 180ms ping isn't as bad as it sounds funnily enough.

        I agree that 200 that bothered me. I had moments where nothing would happen for a moment then my character would dart around the screen and all my inputs would happen at once. One time nearly killed me as I was surrounded. If I have a hardcore character die for that reason I'll be pretty pissed.

          Hey, a couple of sentences are missing from my comment!

          First line should read:

          I agree that 200 that bothered me.

          That could simply be, because it was in beta, but I have had similar problems in WoW when my ping has been around 200ms, but it's a rare occasion, happens more to me on this 3G connection than ADSL.

          same thing happened to me but only my inputs were never played out and I died restarting at New Tristam again Blizzard better know they doing!

      Im on Optus and had ping of 250-350 in the beta? was silky smooth

        I was trying to say above that 200 was fine. It was at around 1200 that it got weird. Pretty impressive really, but not quite the "lagless combat" Blizzard promised. Hopefully the 1200 ping was because of the inefficient QoS protocols El Kapitan mentions below.

        I do think Blizzard will sort it out eventually.

    Needing a server for a single player game is pretty disappointing.

      Seconded, i was under the impression it can be played a single player, and not have to relay on pings and things

    This is a bad article. Absolutely misleading.

    This is referring to the REAL MONEY AUCTION HOUSE. Australian players are bound to the REAL MONEY AUCTION HOUSE of the Americas. We can play on any server we like (which is the headline of the article...), and use the gold auction house of any region we like. Having said that, there is no SEA server. The Asia server is located in Korea. Theoretically, we should get better pings to Korea than we do America, HOWEVER some ISP's, and TPG is probably the main one, route their traffic to Asia through America, so obviously you'll get a better ping to America on TPG (which is my ISP, and in the beta was getting <200ms pings, which is smooooooooth).

    Once again, to reiterate, from the Blizzard post linked in the article above:

    "While you can access the gold-based auction house in any region in which you’re currently playing, the real-money auction house is only available in your “home” game region -- you can only access it for the characters you have in your “home” region, and you cannot use the real-money auction houses in other regions. Note that players in some regions do not have access to a real-money auction house at launch."

      Thumbs Up for doing a better job than this so called journalist Jason.

        Tell me about it. This site badly needs someone to localise content from the US. Not everyone understands that the majority of the content originates outside Australia, so all it's doing is isolating people, making them feel that this site doesn't cater to them at all.

      I understood all that from reading the article. But maybe I was already aware of some of the info before I read it.

        Your first comment seems to suggest otherwise...

          Actually, I think you have misunderstood something. The server we play on is "the Americas":

          "The Americas – For players in the US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia."

          My point above was that we don't have an Australian server. I know we can play on other servers but the American one is the one designated for Australians and the one that is probably going to be the best connection we have got access to. I was on that server for the beta and it was a poor connection.

            Ok, It was your first comment that was misunderstood then. This article really said nothing about pings, and the fact that we're bound to the American RM auction house does nothing to change what your ping will be inside the game. I thought your first reply implied that you thought you'd be locked to playing on the American server, (which is where I drew my comment that the article was misleading) while actually what you were disappointed at was that there was no dedicated Australian server, which I have known for a number of weeks now, and wrongly assumed that it was common knowledge.

              I think we're well and truly on the same page now :)

              I have not sought out D3 info so apart from reading one or two articles and playing the open beta I'm not really aware of the finer details. I haven't sought it out because I'm excited about the game enough as it is without reading about it making myself worse.

                Surprisingly, much of the talk going around about the game is very positive (positivity on the internet? impossible!). Blizzard has been really pushing that the beta was poorly optimised, with quite bulky QoS tracking tools (typical of betas) that won't exist in the actual game. Another, more unrelated thing is that there have been very few instances of cheating (botting, abusing exploits) even though Bliz deliberately have not yet activated Warden (Bliz's version of anti-cheat software) to try and catch out those few who have found ways to cheat.

                So, if game latency ( a problem which I, luckily, did not experience), not the game content itself, was your main problem for the beta, i'd be feeling pretty excited about the actual game :)

                  Allcaps is the only appropriate way to summarise my response to this comment:


                  Ummm... what the hell are you reading? I'm seeing some staggeringly bad reviews and a LOT of irritation. Honestly, I haven't seen one gushing comment from any blog, reputable or not, yet.

                  I reserve all judgement until I play -- but the preliminary noise is not good.

      Wow, when did we start calling <200ms pings smooth. Granted D3 isn't a twitch based game, but some do still notice the difference. Then when the Multiplayer battle arena comes online, Aussies will have a hard time playing against <40ms ping US peeps.

        The ping wasn't the sole thing that made it smooth. The whole client > server communication process is different for D3. I was one of the ones who exclusively played D2 offline because in multiplayer the delay between clicking on a monster and actually hitting it was excruciating. Playing the D3 beta, while connected to the American server, was smooth. There is a video from an Australian guy on youtube that shows it, but i'm at work and thus don't have the link at the moment.

        Also, i'm a heavy League of Legends player, every day I play against Americans with <40ms pings. I do fine.

          I do fine too, doesn't mean there's more than a few times a day that tiny bit of lag loses me a kill or gets me killed because they're in range/out of range on my screen, or I just just just don't react in time for the 0.2. Would 150 ms change me from a gold to a plat player? No. Would it perhaps make me a slightly better player, maybe turn a loss to a win once a week. Quite possibly.

    Good to see Australia getting screwed over again by Blizzard.

    What's better is that hardly any Australian gamers do anything about it and let Blizzard get away with their cost cutting ways. So damn disappointing. It's complete rubbish that in this day and age we're forced to put up with 200+ ping in any RPG/MMORPG/RTS game we want to play. This is compounded with the fact that there are way too many average FPS multiplayer games atm (the only genre we get sub 30ms).

      What the hell does "in this day and age" mean? Economic factors governing buisness decisions have changed in "this day and age"? Your beef isn't with Blizzard, your beef is with our (Australia) inherently expensive telecommunications industry. It's just too damn expensive to do anything down here. It is known khaleesi

    USWest was where it was at in D1/SC/D2 back in the day. I half remember before that the D1 servers were named after different telcos (could be way wrong on that).

    Never had a problem with USWEST based servers for any of blizzards games > Optus cable Sydney.
    Works fine for WoW don't see how diablo can be worst off.
    It's all about loot and farming, you don't need perfect ping to play this, WoW you need somewhat a decent ping to actually play. Diablo is click, kill, loot, repeat.

    You also have your own sessions with 3 other players, so unless the server is crapping itself you'll be fine,

    Either way any D3 news is welcome at this stage. Looks like I'll be using ping boss :D

    The amount of hardcore death rage is going to be world shaking. Simple reality is there will be lag spikes, it just happens, granted this can happen even on aus servers, but the chances are higher when you're bouncing pings through so many points. Hell I was pissed when I tried the beta and died on a normal character because i lagged for 15-20 secs.

    Played Diablo II for nearly 7 years on US servers with first dialup then eventually adsl. Never diminished the experience and the only real drawback was the .5 second faster you had to be mashing alt+LMB to pickup dem item drops. Now that item drops are no longer shared, i think server location is largely irrellevant.
    During the Beta weekend my mate and i co-oped from Perth, Aus. Ping was 220ms and i didnt notice any rubber-banding, delays, drop-outs or skill clipping/CD triggering issues. Blizzards network technology has come a loooong way thanks to what they've learnt with WoW.

      Precisely this. I played many many hours of the beta, and rubberbanded for about 2 seconds on two occasions. Taking into account that the beta was 'not optimised', I have no concerns about lag in the actual game (giving some leeway for the servers to stabilise).


    Yeah this is pretty much typical. I thought it was originally announced that their would be proper Aus servers for us this time around but i guess that isn't the case. I guess us Australians just aren't above the cost/benefit ratio. bit of a disapointment.
    I think we got a nice new supercable to Asia for our internet but whats the best that that won't really be much better.
    I guess an extra 200ms + isn't such a big deal but it is noticeable and can be quite annoying especialy with such a quick paced game.
    All in all, not too happy about no Aus servers but atleast haveing the ability to change servers is a bit of a silver lining.
    Anyway for all the things we read and complain about when we play they will all just melt away, blizz sure know how to make games.

    On WoW Proudmore server had all my friends and heaps of Aussies. How can I find out which server to play on that will have a high aussie pop. so that I don't become lonely? in Wow I has to transfer characters out of one US server because it was just too quiet and couldn't get a group together.

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