Diablo III Would Make One Mean Girl

If Diablo III was a girl, she'd probably act something like this. While this video is hilarious, I really hope we don't run "Error 37" into the ground like we did "arrow to the knee." There's nothing less funny than the same thing repeated ad infinitum. I'm looking at you, Reddit.



    I dont get it... Is 20 the new 40?

    and just like diablo 3 you cant get on her because 500 guys are ahead of you

    "I’m looking at you, Reddit."

    Should try looking a little closer to home.

    Comedy is all in the timing. And this video has none.

    Ahahaha. That bit was so funny when the woman assaulted the man RIGHT IN THE BALLS! This shit never gets old.

    Go on Kotaku, post a video of a frail young woman being slammed in the ovaries for comedic effect. It'll be just as hilarious, I promise!

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