Diablo III's Error 37 Is Now On A T-Shirt

I think we can officially call this joke dead. But you can buy the shirt here for $US20 if you want to be that guy. [Split Reason via PwnLove]


    it would be a big laugh if the shirt sells more then the game

      6 million shirts? That guy would be cheerin haha

    Another gamer-going-outside-joke shirt?
    Oh lordy, please keep my sides from splitting because this certainly didn't get old long ago...

      Dude, outside is terrifying. I don't have any decent tank equipment, my DPS is insignificant and I can't seem to get any skill combos to work. I'd just get killed if I dared leave the comfort of my computer.

        Don't forget that when we are outside we are playing on a Hardcore server. We only have one life man! It's effing scary.

          1+ for you sir, hahaha

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