Dirt Showdown’s Commentary Is The Audio Equivalent Of A Smirnoff Ice And A Popped Collar

Dirt Showdown’s Commentary Is The Audio Equivalent Of A Smirnoff Ice And A Popped Collar

As a fraternity man, and as a guy whose gamertag is, literally, “dudemanbestbro1”, it pains me to say this but, yes, Dirt Showdown goes a little overboard with its whoa-killer-brah commentary. Who the hell did they hire for this, the SAE rush chairman?

Seriously, though it’s not in this video, the announcer will call you “Gnarldog”. Swear. If you gave Richmeister from Saturday Night Live a job calling the Saturday night dirt track races, it’d probably sound like this.

Dirt Showdown‘s demo is available now; the full game is coming from Codemasters on May 25. The soundtrack is turned all the way down to enhance the commentary but, as Chris Person tells me, “imagine him over the douchiest music ever.”


  • Please tell me they’ve taken Colin Mcrae’s name off this crap!!

    I’m hanging for a quality rally game. I install DiRT 1 every few months and just play the rally stages.

    • Colin’s name hasn’t been attached to the series for a while now… C.McR’s Dirt2 in Aus was simply known as Dirt2 in the US, and Dirt3 is just Dirt3.

  • I bought DiRT3 the other day – while any driving game is fun, they’ve completely removed the rally element from this game. There used to be Gran Turismo-like levels of altering you could do to your car, now you have 5 different options for the 5 different parts of a car. Pathetic.

  • Wow. I was looking forward to this. Unfortunately it looks and sounds like shit. And is there something wrong with the steering? Massive understeer?

    This is what happens when I give Codemasters the chance to redeem themselves a bit.

  • This reminds of the guy from Burnout Paradise. The difference is that game was so over the top the commentary kinda fit. This on the other hand is just… sad.

  • For those hating on this for not being a rally game; it was never intended to be.

    Codemasters have spun this off the Dirt series and a Dirt 4 is on the way with more rally gear. Dirt Showdown is some hybrid between bro and redneck disciplines (gymkhana and demolition derby respectively).

    • Well maybe they should remove “DiRT” from its name and call it for what it really is, Ken Blocks dicks around with his mates.

      • Should Bungie have removed Halo from that RTS game they made?

        The game is still set in the same ‘universe’ so to speak. It’s not Dirt 4, it’s Dirt: Showdown.

        I don’t get why so many gamers are so butt hurt about this game, Codemasters are doing what every one wanted (myself included, but I’ve always enjoyed smashing up cars in games too); concentrating on making a rally specific game. This just isn’t it yet, but it’s on its way.

        More on topic though, the voice over sucks.

  • It only calls you ‘Gnarldog’ if you choose it as your nickname. Just sayin’.
    I made mine ‘Princess’ and I enjoyed the demo regardless.

  • This is actually good news. They’ve split the product now, so you can have the demolition derby stuff in this product, and the real dirt (no showdown) comes next. Back to the rally roots. Here’s a reference (there’s probably others):
    For a start, they could just turn the online servers for DiRT (1) back on. That game was awesome. Pikes Peak anyone?

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