Do All Of May's PlayStation 3 Exclusives Have The Same Cover?

I just got copies of May PlayStation 3 exclusives Sorcery and Starhawk. Can we agree that maybe the PS3 boxart czar needs to mix up his/her concepts a little more?


    By "all" do you mean "both"? Bit feeble when you discover you're comparing just two covers.

    People look at the boxart?

      People don't look at the boxart?

        I don't remember the last time I bought a game in a box.
        Probably doesn't count as I'm a PC gamer though.


    Hahaha this has got to be the most pointless article of all time. Written by the EDITOR of all people.

      When the editor has an idea for an article there is nobody to shoot him down.

    It's most likely done by the same company, maybe even the same person. At the end of the day, who cares? Only Grandmothers and Children look at box art. Adults, will only notic it if it stands out as being particularly good, (Resistance 3, Ico )

    If you look closely you can see that there actually two different games.

    Same composition. Hardly the same content. I was expecting a comparison of maybe 5 pairs of covers.
    Stupid pointless article Kotaku

    thats the american ones, austrlaia is different so all good, but why bother comparing to titles? who cares

    Well, both covers looks good.... so who cares? Lol, it's only "two" anyway. The Australian cover for Sorcery is terrible, i'd much rather have that version over the childish cover given to us. First world problems, indeed.

    Oh, Stephen. Not three days ago you posted about wanting games journalism to be taken seriously.

    Mission accomplished.

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