Do Classic Sega Arcade Games Make You Want To Buy Burgers?

I'm not American, and I don't live in America, so my familiarity with Sonic (apparently a drive-in burger chain) is limited. I am however very familiar with classic arcade racer OutRun, which Sonic is tapping into with this retro-infused commercial.

Sonic Drive-Thru Guys / Out Run Commercial [PatrickScottPatterson]


    This is great. Reminds me of trucker's delight, which actually had an iOS spin-off that was an OutRun clone.

    Is it just me or do those two guys look like Tim and Eric?

    For those not lucky enough to have encountered Sonic, let it be known that they serve some of the finest fast food known to man. I am constantly jealous not to live even remotely close to one. ;p

    Fish and chips man. Fish and chips.

    oh i thought it was going to an ad for Harold and Kumar.

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