Does This Dragon's Dogma DLC Notice Piss You Off?

Dragon's Dogma, Capcom's open-world fantasy RPG that released yesterday, has been the subject of some controversy that Capcom fans are now well familiar with. On-disc DLC was the cause of consumer uproar when it was learned that Street Fighter x Tekken contained locked content on the shipped discs that could be purchased on launch day.

So is it a slap in the face when, immediately after loading your game from the menu, a notice pops up listing the DLC that's currently available, as of launch day? Players are instructed that they can access downloadable packs that grant them stronger pawns, new hairstyles and armour, and new quests.

It doesn't annoy me, except for having to linger on the screen a few extra seconds, listening to menu music that sounds like it was ripped from a cheesy anime theme song. I don't feel cheated of content from an experience that will already last up to 100 hours. It's a reminder of Capcom's policy that allows them to include on-disc, locked content, but it's nothing we didn't already know. Dragon's Dogma is also not the only game that opens with DLC reminders, Mass Effect 3 being a recent example. Granted, it's not as obtrusive as the pop-up in Dragon's Dogma, but the in-game advertisement for additional content is certainly not an unfamiliar concept.

Capcom claimed that after such distate for this practice, they're now "re-evaluating" the decision to include locked content that they say would make it more compatible and reduce the need for patches. Dragon's Dogma wasn't able to make the cut before this policy came under discussion, so it was, according to Capcom, unavoidable.

Regardless, I imagine many of you are still upset that not only is Capcom delivering yet another title with locked content for purchase, but they're brandishing it in your face before you can even settle into the game. And it will happen every time you load the game, too. Is it enough to raise the pitchforks? Are you perturbed? Do tell.

I've reached out to Capcom to inquire about any updates on the on-disc DLC policy, and I'll update should there be any new information.


    I won't be purchasing Dragon's Dogma, and on-disc despicably locked content is one of the main reasons. Which is a massive shame, because it looks like a great game.

      I understand you trying to make a point by not purchasing it, but you'd probably have more chance of sending a message to Capcom by buying the game and ignoring the DLC. The only way Capcom will stop milking day one DLC is if people stop buying it.

        Yeah, send them more money. I'm sure increasing their sales rather than decreasing sales will send them a strong message that people are not fine with DLC! Errrr no.

        Simple. Just don't buy it.

          not buying the game will work against the franchise not the DLC. buying the game and not DLC will make a point about the DLC. its not that hard to comprehend.

      That is a stupid reason not to purchase, what are you trying to prove? It's not as if you have to buy the DLC, as much as I hate how they've decided to heavily advertise on the main menu

        Prove? If Capcom start (continue) to lose sales, they'll be forced to asked themselves the reason.

          They'll say "gamers don't want this type of game, let's just milk Street Fighter more". DLC is bought but a tiny fraction of the market so wouldn't even factor in.

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with on-launch DLC, or on-disc DLC, so long as the base game is a complete experience.

    SFxT was a fighter with a ~40 character roster to begin with. You got plenty of stages, and all of the game modes. That is a huge amount of content, more than acceptable. The DLC gets you a few more characters. It's cool, but not essential, and is fine as DLC

    Dogma, you claim, as DLC offers extra pawns and some new armour. Again, nothing that is part of the core experience. You get the full story and gameplay with the base content.

      I often wonder, when does a developer/publisher say "whoah, back up, we've given the consumer too much value for money"?

      I'd rather spend my money on an RPG like Skyrim. Hundreds of hours of playtime, and Obsidion could have easily locked away content such as the Thieves Guild missions and bled their customers for a few extra dollars on release day (still leaving them with hundreds of hours of playtime), but they didn't. Good on them.

        i remember when games used to offer replayability. i would finish the game to unlock secret stuff and then find out what other secret missions were required to unlock more stuff.

        but instead? its all dlc. we now have to pay for those extras - cosmetic or otherwise.

      No idea if we're meant to link to other gaming media sites, but my god I'm sick of trying to explain this ****

    That just looks like a news feed. Games like Mass Effect did exactly the same thing but just hid it slightly better. I see no problem with it.

    Nope I won't be purchasing on disc DLC. And I won't be purchasing DD - ntobecause fo the DLC but because of the broken interface. Pity considering the action sequences I've seen look pretty good.

    It doesn't give you the full experience, it just turns the game into a freemium experience even though you are paying a full retail....

    Freemium has the full experience just pay to make the experience better and have less grinding and easier game, please note I am not describing Dragon Dogma DLC but the freemium games but hey Capcom maybe originally meant the game freemium but decided to rip us off more...

      well by some reviews freemium sounds like dragons dogma. I've read it is grindy the first few hours, and it gets more fun when your party are all levelled up more. I found the demo fun and the characters were level 20.
      If it wasn't for the dlc program policy I would buy dragons dogma day 1 like i did with Skyrim. I'm going to buy it later at a discount now. The overpriced australian psn dlc prices dont help either.

        I've got Dragons Dogma, The DLC isn't even an issue not buying it doesn't rob you of anything. The game only costs $70 Aus - I don't see the issue with all the crying and screaming. I agree with the author that it's a shitty thing to do, but don't let it stop you from enjoying a good game. Which dragon's dogma is, essentially.

    Video doesn't work for me... is it just the preorder DLC? Weapon pack, armour pack, pawn pack? Getting all three from Zavvi, yay.

    Im not happy with the whole concept. I loved Baldur's Gate 2 and its expansion. I miss expansions. They offered so much and for a bloody good price as well.

    Ah well, at least I do not have to play online for the single player. I spent my D3 money on this. If I hate it then I shall return it, get a refund and save my money for something else.....maybe a really nice 28mm miniature from one of those tabletop game sale sites. Go and paint it up, make it look all nice.

    I like pie by the way. You cant make a chicken cake, but you CAN make a chicken pie. That is why I like pie.

      Can't make chicken cake? Sounds like a challenge to me.

    Nope it doesn't piss me off don't get piss off by little things

    The game is great just dont buy the dlc. When they make proper dlc e.g. something along the likes of Tales of the Sword Coast then and only then will I buy it. This hastily put together rubbish is excalty what it is : hastily put together rubbish.

    I heard there are DLCs that have missions. Are they good? (I probably wont buy it tho)

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