Don't Travel Through Hell, Play As Jesus Instead

Looking mildly like Zynga's first foray into religious Facebook scamming, Journey of Jesus is Lightside Games' attempt to get us all putting down our other social games and start playing one where we can learn about Jesus instead.

As a game, it's horrific. It turns an educational yarn about the Bible into a grinding Facebook adventure game. Click on axe to collect axe! Click axe on tree stump to clear path to Moses! Collect coins!

So, yes, it's not really an educational title at all. While there's the veneer of religious study to proceedings, it's really just a procession of clicking, with the emphasis on buying crap with real money, just like any other Facebook game.

About the only redeeming thing I can see if that, if you want to be an arsehole, there's the option to spam your friends lists with random bible quotes (though you can only do it once every 10 hours).

Which is a shame! I'm not a religious man, but regardless the Bible - and especially the Old Testament - is an amazing story, one which not enough games are able (or willing) to tackle.

Journey of Jesus: The Calling [Lightside Games, via Game Politics]


    Developers are scared of anti religion nut jobs who think religions poisonus or just say it's wrong because biblical stories don't happen irl.

      They didn't happen irl. The whole thing was written 400 years after the supposed events. They didn't really check their sources :p

        don't be that guy.

    If you say Jesus backwards it sounds like sausage.

      Most informative thing of this page.

    For an educational game it's already got a few too many things wrong: for starters, Jesus was middle-eastern, why does he look white? Secondly, why is he submerged in the water instead of breakdancing on top of it?

      What I'm saying is, this looks like shite.

        C'mon, developers, listen to the people! I'm an atheist and I would play the crap out of a game where Jesus breakdanced on water. Can... can this be a rhythm game? Can it be like Rhythm Heaven but with Biblical elements?

        Oh god please someone make this. I would have so much fun.

        On the topic of this game, though, yeah, looks terrible. Though I find myself hoping that Jesus and whoever that other dude is are having a homoerotic bonding session. I get the feeling that they're going to start sensually washing each-other's backs any moment. Seriously, look at the way Jesus is looking at him! How is that not steamy?

          Rhythm game huh? That could be alright, even of it were educational. Also I'm pretty sure that pictures of Jesus' baptism.

    Saying a bible game is educational is like saying a Lord of the Rings game is educational.


        Religious bigotry. These comments are near illegal under anti-religious vilification legislation.

          Religious bigotry, or an exercise in free speech?

    I don't want to wait three days to respawn every time I die.
    Bollocks to this.

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