Dreaming Of A Better Nintendo Menu

Nintendo does a lot of things very well when it comes to software. Like, you know, games. Its console menus, though, could do with some work.

So Cassio Leonardo thought he'd take a swing at designing his dream Wii U interface, blending what Nintendo is doing now with what he'd like to see them doing in the future.

It's...nice. Nicer than what they've currently got on the Wii. But am I the only person who thinks Sony's XMB should be the standard other companies are looking at? It's survived for six years for a reason; the thing is faster and easier to use than anything else, particularly Microsoft's current trainwreck on the Xbox 360. Nintendo's grid system, as it currently uses, starts to fall down a little once your menu grows to 3-4 pages long...

Nintendo Wii U Mockup User Interface [DeviantArt, via Tiny Cartridge]


    XMB is best menu system. Was very disappointed that Vita didn't have it. :/

      Agreed, love the XMB and would much prefer that over the 'designed by a 5 year old' Live Area.

      Seriously? I much preffer the 360 and Wiis current menus.

      That being said, the adds in the 360 menus are a huge no no..

        I agree, after playing Xbox 360 since day one then recently buying a PS3, I can say that it's one of many flaws the system has. The whole operating system is just clunky and annoying to use.

        360's latest big dashboard update has ruined it, but man it WAS so far ahead of PS3 before that it's not even funny. It's not like I wasn't used to XMB either, I had a PSP for years before I bought the PS3, I just hoped it would make more sense on the PS3. It didn't.

        I'm Happy with the PS3 menu but oh how I hate the new 360 system. It's like a used car salesman, it just won't stop trying to sell me crap. The ads should not be bigger than the menu items I'm trying to find and I think it says something nasty about microsofts attitude towards it's customers.

      Oh God the Vita menu. I loved the XMB. Vita would be tolerable if it wasn't mandatory touch control...

      It's a touch screen! DS has been doing it for years! People are over the gimmick, instead of going "Ooo, look what we can do!" design a system that is elegant and functional! LIKE YOU DID BEFORE!

    Probably not Kinect friendly, but Xbox should really look at their old school blade design. A lot of potential there.

      (Also, I find Xbox's iPad app has a better aesthetic than the console itself!)

    I assume that XMB is the thing you get when you hit the PS button? Can't say I'm much of a fan.

    The only thing I don't like about the Wii's menu is that it doesn't have button functionality on top of pointing. Same goes for 3DS and a lot of its menus (though irritatingly, not all of them :/).

    Xmb is whitewash the Xbox dashboard utterly sucks at the moment they should revert to the original nxe dash it was wayyyyy better

    Good old XMB, it's so easy to find everything. And it just makes perfect sense.

    But XMB is horrible, no beyond horrible, when navigating multi level folders or long lists. A good mix is windows media center. No really. It's just XMB with apps to launch grid views for large collections. The other 6 people who use it would agree.

    Guys I really
    Love the Xbox 360s current dashboard (except ads) stop
    Complaining, I find that this is way more decorative than ps3.

    This. XMB all the way.

    XMB is horrible. One of the least intuitive menus available. And what are you talking about??? The Wii created the standard for modern menu design. The iPod is essentially based on it.

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