Drive Yourself Nuts Trying To Guess The "3 To 4" Undiscovered Secrets Still Left In Arkham City

If you thought you had discovered everything in Batman: Arkham City or, if not, it could be found on GameFAQs or in some other corner of the web, well, that's not so, says the game's studio. There are still "three or four" secrets in the game that no one has yet found, the game's director said in a panel discussion at London this weekend.

"Some of them we put in there that were really obscure were found within a week," Sefton Hill told London's Kapow! Comic Con, reported IGN. They didn't think anyone would solve Scarecrow's code, for example, but it was cracked in two days.

"But there are still three or four things that people haven't seen — some of them very subtle things," he said. One of them was in the game's demo, which "nobody has found - it's in there if you look hard enough."

Trolling? Or truth? Good luck finding out.

Rocksteady: There Are Still "3-4" Undiscovered Secrets in Batman Arkham City [IGN]


    Harleys pregnancy test resulting in positive!

      All of that stuff was found, you should see the insane morse code theories and the like going around the official forums -- they've taken the hunt to a scary, but awesome new level. :P

    Well, they kept the room in Arkham Asylum hidden for over a year - I'd be surprised if there wasn't a few secrets left around in Arkham City.

      and that room needed pixel perfect positioning to explode. Which means we need to paste gel ALL over the city. ALL over it!

        I'm amazed folks managed to find Scarecrows ship. How many attempts that would've taken it mind boggling. :P

    Interesting, so developers can see the achievements that have been flagged as completed worldwide?

      There was no achievement for finding Scarecrow's little den. They keep a pretty close eye on their forums to see if anyone found those secrets.

    The ridiculous number of riddles are the biggest turn off for me to even look into this - let alone get excited.

    Fez handled this much better.

      It's not that bad, really. I look at the riddles as micro-games, and only solve around 10 of them in one sitting. If you try to do too many of them in one go, then it becomes overwhelming. Pace yourself, and it's a very enjoyable way to round off a gaming session.

    Look for something above a brown door to the south :D

      Bullshit. It's to the west. Look in the west and you shall receive your rewards.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. it took me ages to find and complete all the riddles and im still trying to complete all the riddler challenges. in 12 months time they had better tell us where they all are.

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