Drug Smuggler Hides Cocaine In Xbox 360, Fails

Carlos Valenzuela was driving around Texas the other day, minding his own business, when he forgot to signal a turn at an intersection. For this oversight, he was pulled over, and probably would have got off with a warning/ticket if he hadn't, you know, had three enormous bricks of cocaine inside his car. Two of them hidden inside an Xbox 360 console.

Upon being pulled over, police from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office noticed he was very nervous, and also kept looking at a bag on the seat next to him. So they searched the car and found inside the bag "one brick-like bundle wrapped in brown tape". Also inside the bag was an Xbox 360.

Calling in sniffer dogs, who reacted to the console, they pried it open to find two more bricks of cocaine stashed inside.

In all, he was caught with 1.8kg of cocaine, and has been charged with "manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance".

Weird he went to all the trouble of hiding two of them inside a console then left the other one in packaging that doesn't exactly need a sniffer dog to tell you it's full of drugs.

Police: Man found with bricks of cocaine hidden inside Xbox 360 [KFOX14, via Game Politics]


    Yeah, go to all the trouble of hiding it in the console, and then have another brick in plain view sitting right next to the console...

    NIce one.

    How are people who are forgetting to use an indicator getting a licence in the first place.

    I wish I had an Xbox like that.

    I've got one you can have for $70,000.

    PS this is a joke

    Guy probably got pulled over because he looked like a douchebag.

    AND he voided the warranty on his console

      that's how it begins. first it's petty things like voiding warranty, then you're running drugs and forgetting to signal... the vicious spiral

    I don't think modern crooks really know much about the latest airport security...

    only red ring this will give you is around your eyes

    I'd buy an xbox 360 if it came with extra's like that lol

    He stole Charlie Sheen's xbox?

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