EA Wants Your Feedback On Origin

Oh man, be careful what you ask for. Apparently EA is in the process of organising an event — it wants consumer feedback on its Origin service and, by golly, I expect it'll get it. In droves. Head here to leave initial feedback.

"Since its launch in June 2011," begins the post on the official EA website, "Origin has undergone a quiet evolution, smoothing corners, strengthening foundations, and adding—piece by piece—the elements needed to make it a truly enjoyable gaming platform. However, in focusing so intently on what’s to come, we haven’t always succeeded in communicating what’s already available.

"That’s where our users bring invaluable insight to the Origin conversation.That’s where you come in... you have a unique opportunity to engage us in conversation and help shape the future of Origin. That’s why we’d like to ask you to use take a moment and leave a comment about (1) Your favorite Origin feature and (2) A feature you’d like to see added or improved upon."

EA will also be holding a live Q&A regarding the Origin service next Tuesday, May 8 at 10:00 a.m. PST. EA will apparently be offering more information on this soon.

I actually haven't checked out Origin yet, but from what I've heard, it's hardly been a smooth experience for a lot of you. What are some of the issues you've had? Let us know in the comments below.


    Its Crap


      Which is what people said about Steam, back in the day. Time went by, it improved and is now the standard for digital distribution. Origin is still the new kid on the block, so credit to them for asking for feedback. (Whether they take it on board is another question entirely).

        You're right, it is what they said about Steam around it's launch, because that's roughly what this is currently like. By the time Origin catches up to Steam, they'll have already blazed past where they are now.

        Picture two trains leaving from a station at the same speed, one 5 years after the other. It won't be catching up any time soon. They may discover a shortcut that'll let them gain ground, but it's unlikely they'll ever meet.

          The train analogy is good except for when the respective parties are trying to make their train move faster (ie. adding/improving features) - Valve give their customers jetpacks so they can help push, whereas EA throw customers off the train to lighten the load! (and then of course there's Ubisoft who just shovel their customers into the furnace as fuel... and they seem to be running out of fuel)

    It has worked very well for me. Downloads are faster than Steam. Prices are still too high though.

      The 3 or 4 GB ME3 demo downloaded in under an hour for me.
      So good.

      The download speeds are about the only thing I love about Origin, EA's policies and pricing however are the killer for me.

      I only got origin for ME3, so I missed out on the problems it had early on.
      downloads are no different to steam for me, but I really have an issue with their pricing. its 30% cheaper for them to sell through their platform, so why not sell 25% cheaper than steam / retail & still make the same profit?

        Because they can sell it for no cheaper and make teh monies.

    Pretty much the only problem my mates and I had was with server congestion when BF was dropped. Too many people trying to get into the beta and buy the game crashed their servers. You literally had to mash the buy button for a few minutes straight to stand a chance. Lol.

    But they really have smoothed out some kinks.
    Not as bad as blizzard ent. They sold out of "digital" items in the store.... HOW DO U SELL OUT OF DIGITAL ITEMS!! Just change a 0 to a 1 on the server and BAM, more stock.

      I think you'll find it's not that simple - they actually have to generate keys and such to accomodate their titles, so they don't just tick yes and off you go.

    I don't have an issue with it, it seems OK, obviously it's still young. Titles are too expensive, and it needs more content, plus some UI improvements. Only problem is, there's no room in my life for two digital distribution platforms. I installed it solely to buy SWTOR, and it's since been untouched. Taken out of startup and all shortcuts removed. It's just there in case I want something in particular further down the road.

    Maybe it might evolve into something further down the track. I'll leave it and see. Until then, Steam remains on startup, and remains my regular platform for purchasing and playing games.

    Also bear in mind I'm not primarily a PC gamer, I spend a lot of time on consoles too - maybe a master race member would have different opinions.

    Prices are way too high for any sane person to buy from it, and one of the problems I've had for a while now is every time I log in it says my password is wrong (even though it definitely isn't) and so every time I want to log in to the damn thing I have to change my password.

    Overall, Origin works fine with me. There are some minor issues, as I understand that it's still in the early stages. A while back I had issue with friend's request not coming through at all, so I had to wait for a day. Also friends list loading may take a while. Oh, I'd love a one button backup of my games, like Steam ;)

    As a digital download platform it works, in terms of a feature rich community/social platform it is about a decade behind steam.

      "As a digital download platform it works"
      I'm not sure you are using the same product I am.

      1) The repair feature is broken. If somehow your registry has the wrong info due to reinstallation to different paths etc, repair will merrily think everything is ok in the world and won't fix anything.

      2) There is no backup feature. Want to reinstall BF3? That'll be 12GB+ of downloads thanks.

      3) BF3 integrates punkbuster. If PB is broken you have to manually fix it by going to the punkbuster webpage and seeing what their forums say the fix is.

      4) BF3 and Origin have SEPARATE chat platforms. Why the hell isn't there a common platform?

      5) Origin reserves the right to scan your HDD for info and transmit back to their server. They release regular updates so before you say "they don't scan anything important", that may be for today, not tomorrow. They give no limits on what this info is.

      6) Origin transparently adds EA games to Origin without your consent. Maybe you are happy with a game that doesn't require Origin to play?

      7) Last I checked, if Origin is down, and you want to play BF3, you can't. Steam has offline mode.

    Avoided Origin so far - I don't like paying to be a beta tester. Maybe once they go through all the feedback and sort out the kinks it may be alright to go back to playing EA games on PC.

    Origin is a good product but the AU pricing is crap. Digital dowload costs $80 and the same game on ozgameshop is $40 to $50 and that's a physical copy. EA and other companies need to do the right thing and start bringing their cost for digital products in line with the US. Au dollar is about $1.03 to US $1. That is my one complaint about EA/Origin (and pretty much every company that does this for their digital downloads).

    For me it works fine overall. It still has a few bugs with the 'cloud' syncing.

    When trying to play BF3, I sometimes get a popup box telling me that the game must be synced in order to play, but the thing is the popup box only has an OK button. So what's the point of telling me?

    The only good thing are the download speeds. Everything else is terrible. Doesn't correctly show when friends are online. User interface is terrible. Click icons doesn't always work. If battlelog loads orgin it logs in automatically, i f i manually load origin it forgets my password, even though i always select remember this. It never remembers that i want it at full screen, always loads not at full screen. It constantly steals focus for fucking everything. loads an ad, steals focus, it loads teh main screen, steals focus. It's stupid. I'm sure theres more that I've forgotten.

    I used it for BF3, and when using it I hated the "Origin experience". When updating a file it re-downloaded the whole (10GB) file. No way of backing up games, ugly user interface and in general as a complete online platform about five years behind steam. Pricing is crap too. And why cant I get BF3-beta out of my games list?

    Lacks the complete expereince that steam has like the ability to order within origin. As well as glitches like not being able to register mass effect 3 on launch day on my desktop so i had to install origin on another computer to register.

    I really, really hope that people in general will take this as an opportunity to actually suggest valuable additions and modifications to the platform so that it turns into something the majority of people will use.

    I know there's going to be a million:
    - "GABEN FOREVER <3"

    But, seriously. Being able to improve Origin, highlight and fix the flaws that are generally bandied about in trolling every other day, can make it a serious platform and competition for Steam. Which is exactly what everyone should be hoping for.

    TWO good services are much better than ONE monopoly. A benevolent dictator is only good until he gets pissed off.

      Case in point: this guy

      +33 -3
      (1) I like the uninstaller. (2) Please add a feature to purchase and play EA games through Steam.
      May 2, 2012"

      And this guy:

      +16 -3
      have to say something nice? I like that... my steam keys will activate games on origin. It's still a pile of crap compared to steam. and keeping your PC games off steam in order to force users to origin isn't making me more likely to buy EA games, it makes me less likely. Your EULA and basically everything EA does as a company is unfriendly to the customers. I run origin to play BF3 and ME3. that's it. and only because I can't get them on steam. and why the heck is bioware crap still in points
      May 2, 2012"

      I mean, seriously. At least EA are ASKING for feedback.

    I actually like Origin. I don't use steam or origin to buy games as I don't want to waste my precious bandwidth - so I'm not fussed about the pricing.

    One major plus point that everyone's overlooked is that you don't need to log into those god-awful EA product sites anymore!

    > Uninstall BF3
    > Get bored one day, reinstall
    > Enter CD-Key on Origin
    > Hard wipe of all Origin related content on PC

    Need an account to comment? Guess they don't really want feedback that badly.

    Origin downloads at 10 mb/s fr me which is awesome - I don't get faster downloads any where else which is awesome. I would like achievements or trophies - I like to have a virtual list of accomplishments that make me feel special...

    I feel bad for the sheer number of useless reviews they're going to get, like "it shit u guyz suk".

    They really don't won't mine.

    I haven't opened Origin since I gave BF3 away in Dec due to Origin/server issues.

    Oh I lie, I installed it on my brothers PC for him a couple of months ago and had nothing but headaches from the word go.

    Honestly, there's nothing EA can do to get my business back. It's a heartless machine.


    Pointless and a waste of time, money and resources, also my computer resources

    Why on earth do I need an Origin account to play on Xbox Live? It's just bull.
    I'm done with EA.

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