EB And Its Customers Raise $500k For Hospitalised Children

The Starlight Foundation is a charity dedicated to raising money for the aid of seriously ill, hospitalised children and EB, with the help of its customers, managed to raise over $500,000 in a week filled with in-store competitions and all-night gaming challenges. Congrats to all involved!

"EB Games would like to say a massive thank you to all our generous customers that donated during Starlight Week 2012," said Elisha Mackenzie, EB Games Marketing Manager. "This year’s result is simply amazing and could not have been achieved without local community support right across Australia."

The Starlight Foundation praised the contributions of EB and its staff.

“The funds raised by EB Games and its staff will be vital in continuing to deliver our Starlight programs across Australia," said Louise Baxter, CEO of the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

"Starlight’s programs are developed to distract children in hospital from the pain and stress of their illness and transform their experience of illness and treatment into a positive one. Starlight relies on the generosity of partners like EB Games to continue to brighten the lives of these children."

We all have our issues with local retailers, but $500,000 is a lot of money! Well done to everyone who got involved, from the customers to the EB staff on the ground helping organise these events and collecting donations. Great job guys!


    Nice work EB, good to see a corporate helping charities out

    Congradulations to all involved! That is an amazing effort! Say what you willl about EB Games, but no one can deny that this will change kids lives.

    It's the saddest thing in the world that children's hospitals need to fundraise.

    It's one of the greatest things in the world when they hit a fundraising target. Much props to EB.

      Well - keep in mind these are the optional extras. Not to suggest that this isn't a worthy cause, it certainly is, but if we included these sorts of services, we'd likely find something else to fund.

    Starlight week was one of the only weeks where I was proud to work there. We had donations from people who you'd never expect to donate - and then they say "When my son / daughter was in hospital, the Starlight room was one of the only things that made him / her smile. Put my change in the bucket, and thank you!"
    Congratulations to all my ex-colleagues and friends! Area managers can still suck a phat one.

      My area manager was awesome. I still catch up with him every now and then for some games and a couple of drinks if he is in town.

        I envy you. Mine blamed me for everything wrong with the shop (even though I was just HC / keyholder), ignoring the obviously defective management, and cut and cut and cut wages. I was really undervalued and really got sick of it. Leaving was an excellent decision, which I don't regret in the least.
        Shout out to Grant Crosdale though, who was excellent in every regard.

    Rarr rarr EB are horrible rarr rarr.

    Good work EB.

    It's obscene that Governments spend money on advertising, new stadiums, etc before hospitals.

    Could of raised a shitload more if they just gave away the stupid amount of markup they have on all their products to charity.

      Lol name one retail store that raised 500k for charity this year. In a single week. You can't. Dick.

      Stupid amount of markup? You...have not worked in games retail clearly. I've worked in retail management at several large companies including EB over the years and let me assure you the margin on stock at EB was by FAR the lowest I've seen. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying EB are saints that are just trying to save you money. Its clearly the opposite. I am saying that they get as badly fucked by distributors as we are by them.

        EB do pay a ridiculous amount just to get access to things like special editions. They're super greedy with their trade in prices but it's not uncommon for them to pay something like 80-95 dollars per new release.

    Maybe they could dedicate a week to saving GAME?

    Im a manager at EB and there are ex employees, customers, haters, the list that goes on, that all have an opinion in regards to the company, this is not the forum for that! This is about a charity that's needs and deserves funds like the 500k from companies like EB to keep smiles on the thousand of kids faces that visit with starlight... So whether u love or hate EB the funds were well raised (my store well over $1500) and can't wait to do it all again next year!!!

      Good job.

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