EB's Doing A One Day Sale, And It's Worth Checking Out

EB World members had gotten the early word, but passing past my local EB today, I noticed that a pretty intense one-day only sale is going on. Want a PS3 for $284, or a Vita for $298? Well, today is probably the day to head in to your local shopping centre and spent your rent money!*

*Disclaimer: You really shouldn't spend your rent money.

It's pretty well timed for the late-night Thursday shopping crowd, but there are some good deals here: 25% off Xbox LIVE points, 30% off all Razer products. It seems as though each specific store also has its own unique deals on isolated games.

Not everyone is a big fan of EB, and I totally get that, but I'm a fan of cheap stuff, so I thought I'd let you all know!

Thanks Chuloopa!


    Wow, a PS3 cheaper than a Vita.

    But yeah, I got this email too. Didn't think it was anything special (if they offered a free game with the Vita though it's definitely a good early-days offer to jump on)

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      God-dammit Uncle Bob.
      (no idea what he said, just wanted to say that)

        All I did was change two words in Mark's last sentence - "Not everyone is a big fan of EB, and I totally get that, but I’m a fan of cheap stuff, so I thought I’d let you all know!"

    They did send around an offer where you get a free PS3 off-brand controller if you spend more than $20 on PS3 stuff.

      Yeah i picked up starhawk at lunch and got the free controller. Looks ok but will probably give it to a friend.

        Heh, I got Starhawk at lunch and got the free (non-wireless) controller as well. The guy seemed almost apologetic about giving it to me, like he was handing me EB's rubbish to dispose of on the way out (but hey, one of these days maybe I'll need a 3rd controller and then I'll be like THANKS FOR THE FREEBIE EB!)

    I made a pact (with myself) to stop buying stuff from EB Games, but the store close to my work had a Razer mechanical keyboard that I kept eyeing off. It is now mine in all its clicky glory for $40 off the original price. I found out later, of course, that EB's original price was $10 more than the RRP listed on the Razer website. And that's why EB Games is horrendous.

      but you still got it for cheaper than Razer, didn't you? Plus you still spent your money at EB, so they win.

      you got ripped of buddy, should have gone to msy or orderd it from amazon.com (yes they ship to australia) alot cheaper then eb even with that $40 off

        Though be careful who you buy it from. Mate got one and the 1 key broke. Been left high and dry by the retailer and razer won't do anything because it wasn't one of their approved resellers.

      Crap, you reminded me of my mechanical keyboard.. whicch is in the shed after it broke down... since I got too lazy to send it off to Razor to claim under warranty. Just went back to my old G25 and still using it. Never again Razer, never again...

      Tons of other mechanical keyboard around that's probably better than the bloated crap that is Razer :)

    I scored the free PS3 controller for simply walking in to pick up my already paid off StarHawk pre-order... It's 3rd party and wired, so I can throw it instead of my authentic one when I rage quit tonight...

    I bought a ps3 near new from Cash converters for $210 with two games (I chose Vanquish and Socom). I must say, it barely even feels like it's even second hand...

      cash converters is pretty dodgy place though. I wouldn't go in there of my own accord

        Depend who runs your local franchise really. Though in my area the independent Pawnbrokers def. have higher quality merchandise. Can pick up some cheap games at cashies though - just check the discs before you buy (an age old proverb that one!)

    How much to reclaim my soul after shelling out at EB?

      ozgameshop.com (if your in oz that is)

    I am a manager at Eb games and although I agree that we do sell games for sometimes far more than our competitors, a few small details are always forgotten.

    1) we have the best preorder offers around and usually have the best collectors editions.
    2) for the most part, we know wtf we are talking about, I am a gamer at heart and know about games ( go have a gaming convo with someone at jb)
    3) little know fact, WE PRICEMATCH!!! That's right if you see it cheaper TELL US!!

    But what can I prove? We only made 550mil last year..

      You know why I don't shop at EB? Because of your last point. You price match. If EB wasn't all about money grubbing, it would be proactive and have great prices. Instead, they rip off (for example) every uneducated mum and dad off that doesn't know any better and is just trying to do something nice for their kid. They don't know that you shouldn't be paying $110 for a game, yet EB is happy to snatch the money.

      When I was in retail I would always recommend another shop if they had a cheaper price.

        Why shouldn't they charge the publishers RRP for the game?

      No need to get so defensive, mang!
      Mark's just informing the masses and the last line is a positive note to the naysayers!

      You keep being awesome at your job!

      1) EB Games does usually have the best preorders, but Game and JB Hi-Fi are catching up.
      2) I used to think EB Games had the best customer service until I was told that I "had no right" to tell another consumer about cheaper offers (that could be price-matched), despite the fact that they were a bit strapped for cash.
      3) See above. Also, if you price match you lose out on most preorder bonuses.

      I can forgive that one slip up in customer service, and the preorders are understandable. The only thing that really grinds me about EB Games is when they charge more than RRP. Case and point, Microsoft Points.

        I don't agree on the pre-order bonus thing they try and pull, it's all in the term itself "Pre-Order Bonus", it's a bonus for making an agreement to purchase a product from a specific store, that is all, there is nothing that should force me to only obtain that bonus by paying a certain (RRP) price also.

        So if something like this happens, then I certainly make it a habit to purchase and obtain my bonus, return the game on the spot and then repurchase with a price match. If there is a touch of attitude in me doing it this way, then I'll leave and buy it from the other store.

          "then I certainly make it a habit to purchase and obtain my bonus, return the game on the spot and then repurchase with a price match"

          I like your style sir.

      I don't avoid EB games, but I will only shop there for two reasons.

      Firstly, they do price match. Unfortunately, this is becoming somewhat harder to achieve for higher profile titles as EB are getting their own exclusive standard editions, which are not the same as JB, Big-W or K-Mart have on their shelves.

      Secondly, the EB exclusive editions and pre-order bonuses. This is where EB games sets itself apart, you guys are getting some really good stuff in this regard but in doing some brings up the issue of it not being able to be price matched due to it being different from other collectors editions, and usually having an inflated price (not all the time, AC3 was a fair price).

      Furthermore, if your offering steelbook cases with PS3 collectors editions... make the steelbook a blu-ray, NOT dvd sized case!!! I returned my ME3 N7 Edition because of this. I understand the costs involved in making two different sized steelbooks, but you guys are selling "Collector's Editions"... What collector of PS3 games, would want a non PS3 sized case?

      Skyrim was the exception to this, as you guys include the original PS3 retail case and also the DVD sized steelbook. I ended up giving the steelbook to a friend who purchased the 360 version.

      So, in short. Blu-Ray sized steelbooks for all future PS3 collectors editions! ;)


        EB has nothing to do with the size of the pre-order bonus cases - the publishers give them to them (a week ago I would have said "us", btw). The point you made about not wanting to pay for different sized boxes should go to the publishers, not EB.
        And as an ex-employee, they suck balls. Pricing, customer service, etc, is completely aside from my position on EB's ball-suckiness. If you get the opportunity to work for them, don't!

      The price matching is an incredible hassle, basically they will price match if;
      1. It's in the same suburb (or even shopping centre)
      2. That the store has stock (I was told they wouldn't price match a game when they broke street date...)
      Fair enough there's no price matching with online sites, but those two reasons above would be the only reasons I would bother to price match to begin with.

      1) They're a waste of money and have contributing to DLC greed, why would I support that?
      2) Hahaha not in my experience
      3) Who doesn't these days?

      I care about having cheap prices all around,

        Yep. Was told I wasnt aloud to price match if it wasnt in the shopping centre. lol.

      1) you have the best pre order bonus's around because after over charging everyone you can then throw that money at the publisher to make sure only you get to sell it.

      Which plays into again overcharging the customer the only difference is now the customer doesn't have a choice if they want that special edition

      So your essentially ripping people off the first time to force them to buy again next time

      3) you price match why should I give you money for trying to overcharge me than give it to the people who are actively keeping their prices down

      If you had a we'll beat it by 10% guarantee I could understand the argument.

      Oh this also ties back into those collectors edition exclusivity deals since you can still overcharge and can't be forced to price match since no one else can sell it

      2) for the most part maybe your store does I have gone to stores where they are nothing more than ordinary salesmen. Spewing out the spec sheet and nothing more

      Ozgameshop.com does better preorder prices and the games often arrive months before the Australian release date. I've asked you to price match ozgameshop.com but your staff claimed that would be impossible. Also, Gametraders oozes game culture, but ebgames feels like a simple outlet, that could just as easily have staff that have no knowledge of games at all.

    Totally see everyones point and to an end I am only small cog in the massive Eb machine, and although I cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction when you walk into your local Eb, I can guarantee you great service at mine!

    I wasn't hear to bash or complain everyone has an entitled opinion and what right do I have to change your mind? I'm just hear spreading some wisdom!

    Didn't think people would get so defensive haha.
    Suppose I'll get back to work, already sold a bunch of ps3s!!

      You're a manager, Shannon? Hope you get more of a wages budget than my manager did, and it drove me away from the company completely. Good luck with keeping your employees productive and happy! (And that's really not a troll. Managers are in a very tough position at the moment. My sympathies.)

      E.B. is an franchise, so there's only so much the employees can do. My local EB manager chick is pretty cool - and she actually knows more about games than the other dudes working there (and they geek out abit too, reminds me of the Guild of Clowns from Discworld sometimes, hahaha)

    Damn it was between a PSV or a two weeks trip to Gold Coast. Gold Coast won :(

      Coming from someone who lives on the Gold Coast, you made the wrong choice there.

        Great place...just not at the moment, shooting at robina shopping center just the other day.

      $300 for a Two week trip to the G.C? Awesome! Cheap! Put it on ozbargain so we can all do it!

        That's what I was gonna say - 300 barely covers two night accommodation there most days!

    Picked up a Razer Mamba 4G for $125. $30 less than MSY. Good deal ;-)

    i only shopped at eb when I was in highschool and could do the 7 day return feature and finish the game before swapping it back afew times.

    just called EB in WA and they dont know anything about this sale...was it eastern states only?

      ..and strangely, when I called them back they admitted to the sale being on (same sales assistant), but that I had to be a member. So I asked what it took to be a member and he admitted nothing... They really seemed reluctant to admit that the sale was on. I went down and bought one, and I didnt even need to join.

        Typical EB bullshit. Actually, more fairly, typical retail bullshit. Employees who aren't aware of sale/deals. Tell you something and then change it 2 minutes later. Quote you one price and then try to charge you another. Are these folk really surprised people are doing a lot more shopping online?

    Im pritty sure the vita has been cheap than this at dick smith Chadstone for ages because they are closing down.

    Wow, that's STANDARD price for a PS3 160GB, IN AUSTRALIA!

    And also on offer are shit peripherals by a company no one has heard of with an edgy name.

      crawl out from your rock and open your eyes. razor are pretty decent brand nowadays, i was like you but like 3 fucking years ago...

        It's Razer not Razor

    got a mamba 4g mouse for $125.. first time eb games has been the cheapest place to get something haha, even ebay was $142 from Aus or $130 from HK. nice mouse too actually :)

    The Razer 360 controllers are shit, i bought into the hype of the only controller banned by MLG cos it's so good...mine stopped working 3 months after buying and the sticks never worked as smooth as an M$ controller with dead zones and the L3 not letting me sprint in cod, I'll only buy genuine now.

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