Ex-Bioshock Developers Announce Their Mysterious Exploration Game, Gone Home

Ex-Bioshock Developers Announce Their Mysterious Exploration Game, Gone Home

The Fullbright Company, a new indie outfit that consists of three developers who among other high-profile games worked together on the fantastic Bioshock 2 add-on Minerva’s Den, has announced its first game. It’s called Gone Home, and it’s a first-person game that revolves around exploration and discovery, rather than action or scares.

The video above is a pre-alpha demonstration of the game. From the Fullbright Company’s Blog:

Hopefully the video demonstrates the basics of what Gone Home is all about: exploring a modern, residential locale, and discovering the story of what happened there by investigating a deeply interactive gameworld. We’re really interested in pushing toward simulation, both in the sense of the physics system but also in allowing the player to open any door or drawer they’d logically be able to and examine what’s inside, down to small details. If we do it right, these interactive and simulation elements will work together to make you that much more invested in discovering the story woven into the environment.

That all sounds very cool to me.There’s something about exploring a mysterious, abandoned house, you know? It doesn’t even have to be haunted — take Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, the splendid iOS game that told the story of a house and its owners via environmental storytelling.

The game is described as PC-native, though their site makes sure to say that it will support gamepad. (Hooray!) Awesomely, they are also sure to let us know that they aren’t planning to do a Kickstarter.

Oh, Right: Also, we’ve got a game [The Fullbright Company]


  • Man, adventure games barely started to embrace 3D before people moved on to other genres — Gabriel Knight 3 and Tex Murphy in particular made excellent use of exploring their settings. Looks interesting.

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