Explaining Slavery And The Middle Passage Through Games

Brenda Brathwaite designs board games. When Brenda's daughter came home during Black history month in the US she mentioned that she'd learned about The Middle Passage and slave trade and trivially asked, "can I play a game now?" Brenda decided to make a game that could communicate the tragedy of slavery and The Middle Passage.

This interesting TedTalk allows Brenda to tell her story.

I like the idea that games can be used to teach. There's a higher level of engagement there, one that forces you to think about your decisions and question them. That's precisely what happened in Brenda's situation, and it's a beautiful story. Well worth watching.


    I just returned from a training program where we learnt how to use war tabletop games to explain the western front to students. It was an absolute blast but trying to convince my principal to splash out and buy the resources is another thing.

    I hope those things aren't made from CAROB chocolate.

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