Explosive, Horse-Laden Screengrabs From Black Ops II's First Trailer

So, how about that Black Ops II trailer? Pretty explosive stuff. Now that you know more about the game itself, I thought it might be fun to go through some image-grabs from the trailer, just to tell you what I'm seeing there and how it lines up with that I saw of the game last week.

Here's the cockpit of a VTOL, one of the vehicles in the game.

More VTOLs. See how they soar!

The end-result of a successful mission, this went down in-engine and was appropriately bombastic.

The name I assigned to this image is "Building Exploding." I leave it to you to determine why that is.

The name of THIS image is "Building Exploding 2." Really, this should have been the first one, since it's a better picture.

Here is a CLAW unmanned tank wrecking some shit.

Another, better shot of the CLAW. These will be controllable in the Strike Force game mode, and doubtless in the rest of the campaign as well.

Here's the protagonist hopping into the cockpit of a futuristic anti-aircraft gun.

Some VTOL dogfighting — not all of the VTOL segments are on rails.

The view from inside of one of the flying drones during a Strike Force mission.

This is how your character issues controls to drones in the single-player campaign. You don't assume direct control of them; rather, you issue waypoints and commands on the fly.

One of the unmanned drones that attacks LA. Oh, how our hubris has turned against us!

A great shot of some more drones. The evil-looking bastards.

Frank Woods, who tells the story of Black Ops II. Not looking so hot, Frank. I guess you're pretty old at this point.

Hey, it's a guy in a gas mask! Maybe it's Ghost's cousin or something.

So yes, horses. Look at the pretty horses. There will be horses in this game.

Also, soldiers.

Also, exploding terrorists.

Sometimes, the horses and the helicopters will meet.

Here's a shot of the drone attack on LA, which seems to be what kicks off the story.

Okay, now we're just into some glory-shots of LA being destroyed. Let's keep on moving...

...more LA destruction...

...and more, also a shot that sort of makes me want to play Vice City...

...Oh hey! It's Nelson. This is the guy that I have a fair hunch is played by Michael Rooker.

Here's Nelson looking at some serious wreckage. Man, look at all that wreckage.

An overhead shot of a tactical strike — unclear whether this is from the campaign (likely) or from Strike Force.

Soldiers. America. Why We Fight. Freedom. Oorah. Oscar Mike.

More or less the entire squad of a Strike Force operation — aerial drones, ground drones, and an armed squad of soldiers.

Frank Woods is scared! Don't go! Don't leave him!

...That's when the cobras come.


    Isn't that House?

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