Far Cry 3's Insane Edition Gets A Gloriously Appropriate Trailer

Look, I'm not gonna lie: this is just a trailer for a collector's edition of Ubisoft's tropical first-person-shooter. By rights, it should be an incredibly dull piece of marketing hype. But damn if it isn't pretty brilliant.

Per Ubisoft, the Insane Edition of Far Cry 3 includes the following:

• A 12cm Vaas Wahine with bobble head! • Monkey Business - Discover Hurk, a new memorable character and quest giver, and his four unique missions (1 hour additional gameplay) • The Lost Expeditions - Two suspenseful action packed missions totalling over 40 minutes of additional gameplay and an exclusive weapon (The Japanese gun) • The Hunter Pack - The M700 hunting rifle and its three collector's skins. • The Warrior Pack - A handcrafted dagger and two exclusive tribal tattoos. • The Predator Pack - Four exclusive rare predators and a multiplayer bow. • An 'Insanity Guide' containing hints and tips to help you survive the island

UK residents can pre-order it here. Now, the Insane Edition hasn't been announced for North America. But, surely, they wouldn't withhold it from the States. That'd be crazy.


    That bobblehead is hilarious. I must have this. Well not really :p

      You will have it just as much as I will! :p

    game ruined

    now thats how you sell a collectors edition....

    That was cool. I love a good bobble head.

    is it weird i just want this game now just to get that bobble head? hope can order it online to ship to australia

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