Far Cry 3's Latest Teaser Is Crazy Like A Cat

OK, let's put aside the fact that the Far Cry 3 gameplay we've seen thus far has more in common with Uncharted than it does with the misunderstood-by-many, beloved-by-me Far Cry 2.

Let's overlook the fact that the protagonist's name is "Jason Brody". Even though there is a "bro" right there in his frickin name… no. Sigh. No. We are moving forward. Serenity now.

Because I have to say, after watching the videos in the run-up to E3, it seems clear that while Far Cry 3 won't be much like Far Cry 2, it sure does look like a pretty kickass video game. (And yes, I acknowledge that there are many out there who would say that the less Far Cry 3 is like Far Cry 2, the better.) Here is Ubisoft's latest teaser. I do believe I see a flamethrower? And a tiger. OK, cool. I can get with this tiger thing.

I'll be Kotaku's designated Far Cry 3 checker-outer next week at E3, so I will report fromt he show with detailed impressions.


    great vilan i can see why hes on the cover and not the main charecter

      Yeah I can see him being the real star of the game. (Maybe the island itself) the main character is really just a blank slate for which to project ourselves onto.

    I wish it was a sequel to Far Cry 2 with better AI and no re-spawning checkpoints.

    Ubisoft = no sale for me. These lying criminals will never get a buck out of me again.

    Far Cry 1 was one of my favourite games on the PC.. way ahead of the pack in terms of graphics and gameplay.. Far Cry 2 was "ok".. but lost a lot of the spirit.

      I felt the same way about Far Cry 2, but that can be put down to them being two very different games developed by two very different studios (Crytek's style can be very different from other developers)

    Found a lot of gaming buddies with the MP of FC2. Looking forward to the MPexperience of number 3.

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