Finally, A Good Look At Beyond Good & Evil 2's Detailed, Dirty Environments

It's been a virtual flood of leaks and glimpses this week for Beyond Good & Evil 2. There've been comments about tech requirements and a screenshot of the sequel's gameworld. Now, a video flythrough of the environmental design has popped up.

Now, this footage has popped up before in a presentation that developer Michel Ancel gave at a French game conference last year. But that was crappy camphone video. This clips better shows off the grittier look of Jade's next adventure. Will it be too gritty? Who knows?

At this rate, it'd be a shock if Ubisoft doesn't talk about Beyond Good & Evil 2 at E3 this year.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 [PS3 / Xbox 360 - Beta / Prototype] [Unseen64, via VG24/7]


    Where is this? Why is it s o gritty and realistic? I remember BG&E being set in a stylised world with a Mediterranean atmosphere and sleek sci-fi technology image populated by humans and animal people.

      Presumably it's set on another planet, the first one was on the watery world of Hyllis, while from what's been shown so far this is a much drier place. The change in setting might also explain the lack of animal-people. As for the tech, in the original most of the stuff was pretty worn down and dirty, often breaking down or smoking.

        But if it's drier, why does every second shop sell fish? Maybe it's their equivalent of Soylent Green...

        At 43 seconds, you can see Jade in the background in front of someone with an animal head. Hard to tell what kind of head exactly. Looks kind of like a leopard. Definitely not human, anyway.

    It's very reminiscent of the opening levels of Resident Evil 5, in my opinion. It looks gritty (and very, very nice) but hopefully the vibrancy and contrasts in the environments of the original come out in the other areas.
    I think an E3 blowout on this game is assured, these snippets of info and screenshots are too close to the event to not be regarded as teasers. I'm looking forward to seeing and finding out more.

    That is one mad Song!Really cant wait for this release

    Looks like India to me. The cow in the street and the music attached definitely suggests that.

    This game would push current PC hardware so no wonder they are looking at this coming to the next gen consoles and not current gen.

    love this song! Inside Man...

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