Finally, A Sydney Showing For Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie is finally getting it's world wide release on Steam, but what if you want to see it in a cinema? Melbourne is having a showing as part of the ACMI Game Masters exhibition — but what if you live in Sydney, like me? Well, looks like someon has had the foresight to organise a showing in Sydney.

Organised by Soap Creative, the Sydney showing of Indie Game: The Movie will be at QANTM College in Surry Hills, and those who purchase tickets will be plied with free pizza and the company of other like minded individuals. Sounds good. Tickets cost $15, and can be purchased here. Seats are extremely limited!


    Man, I am so bummed that this isn't showing anywhere in Adelaide.

    Want a brisbane one already.

      Brisbane would be nice for me! That said preordered on steam ;)

    Aaaaand Adelaide?

    Just gonna preorder this on Steam. There is no way Adelaide will get a showing.

    I'm going to this, and I can't wait.

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