Find Your Way Around DayZ With This Real, Paper Map

One of the things that makes zombie survival sim DayZ so difficult is that players start the game without a map. And even then, getting hold of one can be tough. Without a map, you can't see where you are, and if you don't know where you are, you have trouble finding other survivors.

Sure, you can get around this by just downloading a map, but that's hardly as authentic an experience as buying a large, $US15, real-world map to have sitting next to you, is it?

These were first printed up last year, but given DayZ's popularity - and its lack of map - ArmA II developers Bohemia Interactive have decided to start selling the things.

Other recommendations for a more authentic experience: drink a can of pepsi every hour, shoot the first person who knocks on your front door and don't go climbing ladders with your pistol drawn. Even in the real world.

Chernarus Map Collection + 8 Bonus Postcards [BI, via PC Gamer]


    These were sent out to people by surprise if they purchased Arma 2 from the BIS store when Arma 2 was released. Lucky buggers.

    Also, ladder climbing has been fixed now.

    Because typing 'Chernarus map' into Google image search is hard?
    Screw 'authenticity' or whatever terrible reasons people would use to justify such a purchase...

    Here, I'm going to make it really easy for people:

    Or even better?

    Personally, I sit the 'dayzmap.jpg' one on my second monitor zoomed to my location, and move it around as needed (maybe once every 30-60 minutes).

    Much better.

      Perhaps everyone is not as awesome as you... perhaps they use a HDTV for a second display and the resolution goes screwy when running the game and can't have the map open on 2nd monitor... perhaps they only have one monitor and don't want to alt+tab to the google map... perhaps they just want a big paper one because it is awesome... just sayin'

        You're damn right not everybody is as awesome as myself.

        HDTV shouldn't matter, considering most PC users run 1920x1080 anyway, and if they're not perhaps it's time to become a PC 'gamer' instead of a PC 'user'... regardless, my second screen is only a 19" 1280x1024 monitor and it's fine while running the game on my main 27" monitor at 1920x1080. Invalid argument.

        If you have a single monitor, perhaps it's time to do something about it.
        It's extremely handy for many things.

        And a paper map isn't awesome.
        Unless you have it framed and hanging above your screen it's going to be a pain in the ass...
        Alt-tabbing would be far more effective.

        *Hits print button*

    Wow, that really shows how freaking huge the island is...I definitely need to pick this up soon.

      :~D doo eeet... the map is actually a bit larger than that, the northern part has been cropped off in this image.

    What irritates me is when you see another survivour and salutes him, but then he shoots you... What's the meaning of that???

    Man, paper maps are awesome, i wish this would be cheaper tho. :(

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