First Dead Space 3 Screenshots Stand Shoulder To Shoulder

These images "leaked" by All Games Beta supposedly give us our first proper look at the upcoming Dead Space 3, ahead of a more official outing over the coming days.

They depict a pair (I'd say one of them is Isaac Clarke but his face is so everyman I can't be sure) engaging in some cutely-staged co-op manoeuvres, looking for all the world like this was a Lost Planet dress-up party.

It also looks like there's enemies in this who know how to use a gun, and bad guys who look a lot like the ones we already know from the series, albeit dressed for cooler climates.

Dead Space 3 [All Games Beta]


    Any word yet on what happened with Ellie?

    Please don't tell me its going to force coop down our throats.

      Co-op is optional man, otherwise it's an NPC that shows up in sections for the plot, not always there.

    Oh buy, this is going to make a lot of people upset.

    Also I'm betting the new guy is a figment of Isaac's imagination.

      Probably his fantasy of if Nicole had a sex change? But nah, I can't imagine that the new character is part of his imagination. With the backstory, the only thing that would possibly leave room for that is his father, Poul Clarke, who is still alive (yet has been missing for ages).

      But anyway, I'm not that bothered by the prospect of co-op. There's a first time for everything, they might just make the first genuinely scary horror co-op game. They'd have to defeat the almighty hurdle of having a friend crackin' jokes every 5 minutes though.

      And I don't care what other people say, Resident Evil 5's co-op was a blast.

    Blue and Dark Guyver

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