First Look At The "Set" Of The Halo 4 Live Action Series

The Halo 4 live action web series announced earlier this week is already filming, on the campus of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

Reader xxxblank just so happens to attend Simon Fraser University, and says the film crew has been transforming various parts of the grounds into something a little more futuristic.

The university's official line on the "renovations" is as follows:

The film is called Sleeper, the story of a young man in a futuristic military academy who struggles with his destiny as a soldier-and with an alien invasion.

An adorable cover story, but the giant UNSC murals and Spartans carrying Halo rifles kind of give the game away.

Seeing as the series' plot is about Master Chief "inspiring" a young cadet, guess this is the cadet's academy!


    Love the live action stuff for Halo, whether it be commericals or just movie shorts, because it's everything the game isn't.

    they shot alot of BattlestarGlactica and stargate here as well

    all good but it would be better if the statue was an actual spartan rather then a roman soldier

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