First Trailer For Skyfall, The New James Bond Flick

007 is back. This fall, Daniel Craig James returns as James Bond, along with Judi Dench, Albert Finney, and Ralph Fiennes.

Dubbed Skyfall, the movie takes James from overcast England to the glitz and neon of China.

Skyfall hits teathers this fall. The Bond theme starts in your head right now.



    Hmm.. Definitely seems that they're sticking to the 'gritty realism' angle they developed in CR and QoS. I hope they start to reintroduce some of the more 'classic' elements though, like the humour and the sophistication that previous Bonds had, plus things like the opening gun barrel etc. I really liked CR and didn't mind QoS too much, but I do think the 'Bourne-style Bond' thing is getting a bit over done. I can do without the gadgets, but I'd really like to see Moneypenny come back at least.

      This is what we call a step backwards.

        These new Bond flicks are in fact prequels, so your comment is accurate on so many levels!

      stendec is right they should totally make bond tired and worn out again. maybe bring back george lazenby.

        Oh OK. So everything prior to CR, right back to Dr No, was tired and worn out then was it? Oh I see. Well then your total disregard for what I actually was suggesting about doing stuff gradually makes perfect sense! Congrats!

          Everything Roger Moore was tired and worn out.
          "Oh James!"

    I own my own teather so this is handy.

    Bring back Pierce Prosnan and the original set up!

    Can't wait for it to hit our local teathers

    My money is on that sillouette in front of the fire being Javier Bardem.

    Hopefully Ralph Fiennes isn't friendly in this as well

    1. Casino Royale
    2. The Man With The Golden Gun
    3. Goldeneye
    4. Moonraker
    5. The rest are terrible....... (probably the only person in history who doesnt like Sean Connery.)

      LOL bond noob. The Spy Who Loved Me, Dr No, Gold finger, on her majesty's secret service and from russia with love are all awesome.

    Bah. I was hoping we'd seen the last of "Angsty Bond".

    Taking themselves way too seriously again. Let's hope there's at least no strobe light camera angle changes in this one.

      Read the books. Bond was never intended to be the quip-filled wanker he turned into.

    The only bond theme in this trailer is right at the end :/
    The gritty realistic bond that we never really asked for.

    This bond is the most accurate to the original book. There is humour in the Craig bonds. Casino Royale, bond breaks into M's apartment and is about to say her name, she says, "I knew it was too early to promote you." He replies, "I heard OO's have a short life expectancy". I laughed at this line. It was well written and dry exactly as Bond should be.

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