Five Great Moments In Star Wars Gaming

So after reading an article here discussing possibly the worst Star Wars game ever I thought to myself, what's the best? If you asked 25 people, you'd probably get 25 different answers.

Then I thought of a more interesting question (to me, anyway). What are the best moments from Star Wars games? They may come from the best games, they may not (I find that mine come from both). So here, in no particular order, are my top five Star Wars gaming moments:

1. The first level of Shadows of the Empire on N64

The overall game was "meh" at best, but the opening level on Hoth simply blew me away. I played and replayed that level more times than I can remember. I recall sitting at home on break from uni and just passing the controller back and forth with one of my old high school buddies.

2. Starting out on Tatooine in Star Wars Galaxies

SWG was my first MMO. I'll never forget the feeling of unlimited possibilities that I had when I created my first character and took my first step into a larger world. Ultimately, I don't think anyone ended up pleased with where the game ended up, but in those first moments, I was blown away.

3. The demo for The Force Unleashed

Another example of a game that was OK at best, but had some sequences/experiences that really stood out. The first time I used the Force to go stormtrooper bowling was quite memorable. The rest of the game didn't really live up to the promise of the demo, but for a little while at least, you really felt like a badarse Jedi.

4. Saving Admiral Ackbar in the original X-Wing

X-Wing is one of my favourite games of all time and I can still remember the mission where I had to disable the shuttle carrying Admiral Ackbar and then defend it long enough from wave after wave of TIE bombers for a Rebel ship to come and rescue him.

5. The big reveal in Knights of the Old Republic

For someone raised on the original trilogy and subsequently disappointed by the storytelling and writing in the new trilogy (with the possible exception of Episode III, that is), KOTOR felt like a breath of fresh air. Granted there are legitimate issues/complaints about the game, but the "twist" in KOTOR really struck me. Overall this game felt like what the new films SHOULD have been like in terms of tone and story.

So, those are my top five moments in Star Wars gaming. What are yours?

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    The plot twist in KotOR blew my mind, skyrocketing it to one of my favourite games of all time..... then BioWare totally ruined the characters of KotOR I and II in The Old Republic. Glad I didn't spend money on that game!

      Trust me, the biggest culprit was The Old Republic: Revan. That book ruined that character for me. Wish they never wrote it and left his story in the dark. My own imagination would have surpassed that stupid things terrible story.

    I have only ever played a handful of Star Wars games. There was one on the Master System (can't recal

      Fail at posting a half typed comment, damn you (not so) smart phone. So to continue before I was rudely interrupted. Can't recall the name of it, but I remember it rocked; I use to to play it with my (older) sister, she would be my morale support by telling me to have 'steady hands steady hands', when I use to get nervous on the last mission, trying to fire the torpedoes into the 'make Death Star explode' holes. Good memories.

      Then there was TIE Fighter on PC. Now that was a awesome game! Had I flight stick it and everything for it. Man I sunk some hours into that one! Probably one of my favourite games of all time. There was other on PC, but my memory fails me again; it had like on rails third person shooting aspects in it, also some flying in it. May have had Rebel Alliance in the title? Maybe someone can clarify that.

      I have tried a handful of other (recent) titles, but the magic of the Star Wars universe had gone; maybe something to do with the commercial cash cow that Lucus turned it into( fu#k you Jar jar Binks!). Or maybe just because I'm an adult now. Probably more the latter than the former.
      Apologies for any grammatical errors. I blame my phone instead of my (lack of) literacy skills.

        The game was Rebel Assault... or its sequel Rebel Assault 2.

        Both of which were truly excellent.
        But... TIE Fighter... my God I loved that game.

    I loved Shadows of the Empire, that speeder bike level was HARD!

    I've only recently built my new gaming rig so I could play Diablo 3 and SWTOR. I'm blown away by SWTOR. As having played and loved KOTOR 1 and 2 and being a past site admin over at kotor2files, I can genuinely say it has been worth every $$$.

      I also love EA™ and Blizzard-Activison™ they are amazing companies that make amazing games!

        Quick, someone likes something I don't, they must work for company X!


          I find it hard to believe that someone who enjoyed KotOR 2 and was an admin on a KotOR 2 fansite would be okay with that game being completely thrown out of existence in Tortanic.

    There's the Star Wars Battlefront series of course...

    When you first got a lightsaber in Jedi Outcast, it blew my mind. Turn realistic lightsaber on, and this is by far the most fun I've ever had with a lightsaber in a video game to date.

    I got my lightsaber in Outcast when I was only 6. That was a great moment

      So much good stuff! Can't wait for these. I love the new extra weapons some of them come with. I was getntig tired of the previous ones, so many already and all the same ones. These have more of a mix of weapons.Aside from that, so many great figures, even the repacks. Don't care much for the game though.

    For me, TIE Fighter trumps all. I think it's the ultimate Star Wars game, hands down. Even today it still feels awesome to play, almost 20 years later. Following that my favourite would probably be JK2, just because it's the only Star Wars game that mixes the shooting, lightsaber combat and force powers evenly and effectively. Plus it's one of the longer Star Wars games to finish. After JK2, definitely KotOR 1, closely followed by KotOR 2.

    KOTOR Moments:

    1) Lying to the council and pretending to be a good guy,
    2) The guy in the locker
    3) The bad ending for Mission and the Wookie
    4) Getting Lightsabers
    5) The Robot Team-mate

    I could go on....

      Wow, this just nailed it. Mission and Zaalbar's bad ending and HK-47 are definitely it for me. The plot twist was just natural progression based on how evil I'd played up until that point. Bastila's bad ending trumps the guy in the locker though ;)

      I still hold KotOR in such high regard simply for these outcomes. Not many games these days offer a unique finale for an evil character, Fallout and Mass Effect are price examples of disappointment.

    heres the GREATEST moments of all time in star wars gaming :

    Star wars dark forces - first ever decent doom clone and first star wars fps, completely solid gameplay good story.

    Why ? for that first moment of awe of being part of the star wars universe, walking down that first hallway and taking out your first imperial and getting your hands on the blaster rifle.

    Star Wars Tie Fighter - The best starship game that has ever been made to date. Its hard to say what the greatest moment was.... conquering the rebellion or becoming the emperors best pilot.

    Star wars Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight - A solid FPS combined with great lightsaber play and forcepowers that blew us all away at release, complete with an unheard of bonus, the first LIVE action star wars scenes made for a game.... The final battle between Jerec is a moment that should live on with any star wars gamer.

    You got the plot twist in KOTOR correct..... but what boils down to the greatest moment in star wars gaming history?


    This game became the Killer App of its day, it made it standard to have optical drives in pc's.
    Yes it was a rail shooter but it was goddam fun for its time, anyone who played it will never forget that final moment of replacing luke skywalker and taking out the deathstar.

    My favourite SW game moment isn't even playable - it's the cutscene in Rogue Squadron 2 right at the very beginning, before attacking the Death Star, when you're flying in formation with all the other X-wings.
    It was the first "next gen" (at the time) cutscene I'd seen which wasn't pre-rendered, my first exposure to Gamecube graphics, and it blew my mind.
    The game wasn't too bad to play, either.

    1. KotOR twist.
    2. Rogue Squadron first levels.
    3. HK-47.
    4. Being evil on that beach planet in KotOR, and telling the Wookie to...

    The plot twist in KOTOR only surprised you if you didn't give the game enough credit as a story device. Personally I could see it coming like a lighthouse. Think about it, mysterious Sith lord disappears and no one talks or hints about what every happened to said mysterious sith lord. During the meeting with the Jedi council, they completely give it away and refer to you as the dark lord and wonder what will happen if your regain your power.

    In the same article they imply Shadows of the Empire was "meh" and that Ep 3 was good.

    Wow, play some Shadows again and watch some Red Letter Media. No mention of KOTOR2... you know, that game that got screwed over by Lucasarts and still outdid the previous game.

    Star Wars The Arcade Game: In the early 80s, sitting in that cabinet behind a flight yoke, flying the death star trench run and then hearing obiwan in your ear telling you to use the force (in an era when digitised voices were bloody rare), that was one of the most impressive gaming experiences in my young life at that point. I seem to recall I was so surprised by hearing the voice in mission that I actually screwed up my torpedo shot, way to help Kenobi!

    The Revan reveal in KOTOR was one that really floored me. In retrospect I have no bloody idea how considering it was so heavily telegraphed but it does remain one of the best moments in gaming for the era.

    In KOTOR2, pretty much every conversation with Kreia, she's easily my favourite NPC in any star wars game. Actually talking about consequences in a star wars game and doing something other than revering the force... bloody awesome stuff.

    In SWTOR (Spoiler Warning) , probably my favourite moment of the game so far is in the Bounty Hunter story on Alderaan, meeting one of the classic pampered idiot nobles who has information you need & is all set to send you of on minor errands but there's a dark side choice: Beat the stuffing out of him until he talks. Between the unusual choice of letting you do it and the reactions of the nob and your companion, Its handled with so much comedy that it took me a good 5 minutes to stop laughing. Honourable mention to the republic's Jedi Prisoner flashpoint, thats probably my favourite of all the flashpoints I've done thanks to the 2 major KOTOR references and because when I did it with my smuggler, I got to kick a grand moff in the balls!

    But I can't go without mentioning the mighty TIE Fighter... Sat in a TIE Defender, feeling like there's nothing short of a death star that can hurt you, blasting rebel scum into atoms left and right and doing it all whilst flying on the wing of Darth Vader himself... The only thing better is when you replay the mission and actively steal all his kills, making the dark lord of the sith your bitch and getting rewarded by the Emperor for it... DAMN I want to play that game again!

      Completely agree with you about kreia. For me, she was hands down the best mentor character in anything with the star wars name to it. Her conversations were incredibly well written, and the voice acting was superb. I think kotor2 is really underrated. Sure the ending was rushed (thanks lucasarts), but the think that I love is how dark of a game it is... The tone, the art and the fact that your not just surrounded by holier than thou kind of jedis

      Completely agree with you about kreia. For me, she was hands down the best mentor character in anything with the star wars name to it. Her conversations were incredibly well written, and the voice acting was superb. I think kotor2 is really underrated. Sure the ending was rushed (thanks lucasarts), but the think that I love is how dark of a game it is... The tone, the art and the fact that your not just surrounded by holier than thou kind of jedis. All the npcs have an awesome sense of hopelessness to them. Kotor2 would definitely be my favorite star wars ame, even more so than the first one.

    More Jedi Knight love please. Come on, they are easily the best live-action scenes recorded by lucasarts/film/whatever since ROTJ wrapped.

    But yes, KOTOR wins hands down.

    For me, it was the demo for Republic commando, the game itself was a bit meh, but the 2 levels on the demo were so awesome, I played it over and over again

    X-Wing Alliance - joining the rebel alliance
    Rogue Squadron - flying the millenium falcon
    The Old Republic - being a badass spy in a huge world
    Kotor II - getting your lightsaber after 15 hours
    Episode I Racer - completing "Abyss" after 100 attempts to stay on the upper track.

    Battle of Endor in Rogue Squadron II on GCN is pretty fuckin badass.

    TIE Fighter - all of the "Secret" Emperor missions were extraordinary.

    TIE Fighter; getting it to work after hours of fiddling with my config.sys and autoexec.bat files - and then being rewarded with the opening cutscene
    Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight: saving Jan
    Jedi Knight III (Jedi Academy): the Jedi catacombs level, "saber katas"
    KOTOR: romancing Bastila and winning her back from the dark side
    SWTOR: Sith Juggernaut leaping into NPC foes ("I'm the juggernaut, b*!)

    "3. The demo for The Force Unleashed"

    Really? The demo totally put me off the game, it felt clunky and stupid. Then I eventually got the full game and loved it to bits, the level just wasn't designed like it was used in the demo (with so many extra powers etc) at all.

    I am surprised you even mentioned the force unleashed demo, I played that so many times, yes I was also dissapointed with the overall game.

    Jedi Academy with the dismemberment cheat was awesome.

    Finally KOTOR, was amazing, although it was the only level grinding game I have ever enjoyed. It is a shame TOR is just WOW with laser batons.

    Rouge Squadron, Battlefront, Jedi power battles, starwars podracer, Starwars episode 3: the game (particularly the 2 player fight modes) and the Snes Starwars games all seem sadly forgotten...

    Haha the memories. I got to see Star Wars in a ttaeher in Akadem Gorodok outside Novosibirsk in late March/early April, 1991, during a student exchange. It was awesome, it was the only movie I remember seeing that had dubbing for all the voices, instead of a depressing baritone reading the script. Even quality offerings like Back to the Future part III were the depressing guy. The only movies I remember seeing in the ttaehers at all were American like Josh Brolin's 1986 mega-blockbuster Thrashin'.I don't remember any posters, though. I do remember getting home and a few days later seeing the tanks roll into the Kremlin. Impeccable timing.

    Without a doubt, Tie Fighter.

    Being Darth Vaders wingman was epic.

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