Freakin' Amazing StarCraft Statue Dropped Outside Blizzard Office

Blizzard's company HQ has an enormous Warcraft statue out front. It's incredible. Making it officially a "thing", Blizzard's offices in Versailles, France now have one too. Only it's from StarCraft.

An enormous Queen of Blades now guards the front courtyard. She was designed by renowned Hollywood effects man Steve Wang, who even got to sign his name on a plaque at her feet.

You can see more images below (right click + open tab to see them at full size).


    That is freakin' cool, no other way to say it.

      You could also say "wow".
      But I like your way better!

        But it's Starcraft, not WOW. /pun

    Why do I find her attractive :(
    Oh, internet, what have you done to me?

      um... because she looks like a super model with pointy bits coming out? For someone whos meant to look alien, she sure doesn't look very alien.

        But she's not an alien? She's a person who got infected with an alien.

      maybe its her ability to hold you tightly and never let go without even using her arms! *strong embrace*

    When you said dropped I thought you meant it fell and was shattered... I was hoping for like a slow motion video and everything.

    So disappointed right now.

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