Fresh New Images Of Tired Old Hardware

If you're short on ideas for new wallpaper, and have a bit of a thing for old video game hardware, check out French artist Alan Cloiseau's collection of vintage Sega, Sony and Nintendo systems and controllers.

His personal site has plenty more great art.


    this is art?

      yeah, clipart

    It sure is art, a good way to preserve gaming history.

    These are done in Adobe Illustrator, it's harder than it looks but I suppose the experts commentators on Kotaku would know better.

      Yes these appear to be vector created in Adobe Illustrator (or similar) and many look good,
      although some look as though some Live Trace was used in the process.
      For something like this I would never use Live Trace, Pen Tool all the way.

      The Playstation, Gameboy Advance and Game Gear stand out in quality.

      Well done good work.

        The GBA seems to be the only one there that may have some live trace in there (in the transparencies of the case). Some nice work in there though.

    Bonus points for repping the Sega Master System II!

      I picked up a master system 2 a couple of years ago and it's been serving me well ever since.

    These are stunningly accurate, for vector art. I don't like much vector art, though, and this doesn't really fall into the like category.

    Hi ! Thanks, cool to see my visuals there !!
    Thanks to google image for helping me to found this article ^^ And thank you Luke for this article !
    @Luke : Comme dit ci-dessus, merci pour le lien ^^ Ce fût une très agréable surprise de tomber sur ton article ! I suppose that you found me by Behance Network ?
    @Gabbleduck : i did those 3 years ago, the aim of this project was not supposed to be “art”, i was just wondering to improved my pen tool level ! (excuse me if my english is not perfect mais je suis français ;) if you go to my website you’ll see some illustration more “arty” , for those it’s a sort of premium package of vector icone designed with Illustrator if you want !
    @Lanky Mikey : Illustrator, without tutorial ;)
    @Paul : Thanks, you’re right.
    @Robert : Thanks, yeah, all is done with Pen tool, of course ! (exept the two zelda icon on the game&watch : sword & dragon + maybe the “color” of GBC’s logo). It’s a 3 years old project, better one with a higher level of pen tool could be see on my website or on my facebook page (FB/cstudiographic).
    @DeeDub76 : Thanks also :) For the shade and transparency aera of the GBA i used some fast shapes drawn with the pencil tool ;)
    @Shane : I love that one too :) thanks.

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