From Those Who Brought You The MineCon Proposal, Here’s The Minecraft Wedding

From Those Who Brought You The MineCon Proposal, Here’s The Minecraft Wedding

Remember the Minecraft-playing couple who got engaged at MineCon back in November? Well, yes, they have now been lawfully wed and kissed and no man put asunder and all that goes along with the big day — including an outstanding Minecraft-themed throwdown for the reception. Chickens, sheep, a creeper, everything.

The Minecraft theme wasn’t limited to just the reception. The bride, Asia, wore a Minecraft “diamond” necklace down the aisle, which is a brilliant touch. You can see it in that image above. The groom Matt (longtime Kotaku reader smi1ey) and his groomsmen all wore ties in a low-res Minecraft pattern.

Loads more pictures from their wedding album are at the link; their friends at produced this charming video of the big day. Craft a hankie, it’ll get a little dusty.

Matt and Asia’s Minecraft Wedding []


  • I don’t understand why people wanna base their wedding, a celebration on their love, around characters from a video game. I can understand if someone is enthusiastic about something but stuff like this feels like it crossed the line from a clever reference to over kill. Having a Minecraft diamond for a necklace is a classy nod to something you enjoy in life but life sized pixelated wolves and dardboard video game sheep effigies turns a celebration of two people’s love into a circus like display of your affection towards a hobby.

    I mean, hey, for the most part, we live in a free world so if people wanna take something special, something designed to signify a soulful commitment in the presence of friends and family and bury it under something temporary and trite they have every right to.

    • Maybe rather than being “temporary and trite” it’s a lasting tribute to a moment? Maybe they met in Minecraft or something, or found their first common ground by discussing it?
      Personally I think it’s very sweet; and, if a bride wants a Minecraft-themed wedding, you give it to her.

  • While it looks like a fun and joyous occassion, I definitely agree with Scott and can’t understand why they went so crazy with the theme (and it applies to any wacky theme, not just video game related). I read an article recently on unconventional weddings and one couple made a good point: at the end of the day, a wedding is meant to be about two people who are in love, your theme should never overshadow your love and be the star of the day.

    Good on them for being in love and taking the plunge. Hopefully they don’t regret having such a big themed wedding in 10 – 15 years once Minecraft has faded. Also what’s up with all the Toms advertising? That was really tacky. Gorgeous dress but those hideous shoes ruined her outfit.

  • If you do your wedding in a way that you love then… can’t say any better than that!

    If you look back at it and laugh and cringe at it later then it just means it was all the more memorable.

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