GAME Australia Has Gone Into Administration

GAME Australia Has Gone Into Administration

We’ve just had confirmation that GAME Australia has gone into administration.

Earlier this morning staff members informed Kotaku Australia that GAME wouldn’t be receiving copies of Diablo III due to payment issues with its shipping companies, and many reported issues with GAME’s website.

However, final confirmation came this morning when all GAME stores were sent an email stating GAME had gone into administration. GAME’s Marketing Manager also confirmed this to Kotaku Australia, but declined to give further details.

The UK arm of GAME went into administration in March this year closing 609 of its stores. Back then GAME Managing Director Paul Yardley stated he was looking for a buyer for the Australian division, but could not rule out the possibility of redundancies and store closures.

At the moment we’re not aware of the impact this news will have on stores locally. We will update this story as and when more information comes to light.

Lifehacker has some information on whether or not it’s safe to buy from GAME in its current state.


    • The sales have being on for weeks now. Every sale we did was a cash grab, so dont expect to roll in any time soon and find A+ titles for 50c. While I’m here, don’t be assholes when you come into our stores, we are only doing what HQ tells us.

      • Yay! Cheap games ahoy! Everyone knows that EB and JB have the monopoly on brick and mortar gaming in Australia. Let them fall for their shitty pricing I say!

        • You are only looking at the smaller picture. What about the loss of competition this creates in retail land? This only sets AU back FURTHER in pricing standards compared to the rest of the world. EB and JB would jack their prices up if they could, don’t you worry about that.

          • To be honest, I have no idea why anyone that is even remotely Internet-savvy and has a credit card puchases from EB or JB. It feels good supporting smaller companies that put out fair (globally competitive) prices as well.

          • In Ballarat, JB sells for cheaper than Game, and a lot of the time so does EB. Game’s prices have always been inconsistent so I never shopped there.

          • What competition? JB/EB/GAME all sell within $5 of each other, which funnily enough these days is starting to be cheaper than Steam and their ilk.

          • Forgot it automatically went to the highest level comment

    • Narrow minded tosser. “Bring on the sale” said the arrogant idiot. What about all the people that are possibly lose their jobs. You people make me sick. Vultures.

      • jobs are lost all the time, this isn’t like some factory in a small town closing down which fucks over the whole community. This is retail….. it isn’t hard to find another retail/sales GIG. So bring on the Sale :D, I want to save a penny or two 😀

  • This story has made me realise how silly their name is. Seeing “GAME’s blah words blah” repeatedly just reinforces how weird it looks.

    Also, I hope they don’t go under, there were some pretty good deals there at times. And their staff were friendly, which was nice.

  • YAY! Less competition!

    Soon everyone will be shopping at EB Games!!!!!!!!! MWA HA HA HA HA HA!

    What? Ozgameshop? Never heard of it….

  • YES! That’s what you get for selling me used games that wouldn’t load then yelling at me for not having the receipt!

      • I’m pretty sure if dont only need a receip. If you lost it u can use your bank ststement showing that you bought the item. For future reference 😉

        • Not the case (well at least not where I work), as the bank statement does not show an itemised list of items purchased.

          • Actually, you’ll find that a credit card or bank statement depicting the sale is legally recognize proof of purchase. To refuse a refund or exchange of faulty goods with this as evidence is actually a breach of te trade practices act.

    • Hey Lach,
      I’ve got a few old games that I bought off you that don’t work.
      You might not remember me buying them off you and I don’t have any proof that I did actually buy them off you but can you please refund me my money.

      • I had the game card and the credit card I used to pay for it. I had to send in the receipt to Xbox for a cashback promotion, and my printer was stuffing up so I couldn’t print out my copy. Plus, I didn’t want a refund, I just wanted a working copy of Gears of War. They say they test all their pre-owned games but it’s clearly a load of bullshit because the damn thing didn’t load up the title.

        Also, I had bought them off the same dude 3 days ago, and I spent over $600 on an Xbox, about 10 games and two controllers.

        • Lachlan, firstly, it’s not their fault you couldn’t make copies of your receipt. Second, it doesn’t matter who you bought it from or when. It’s a retail standard that if you want a refund/exchange that you MUST provide proof of purchase. Some stores aid in the recovery of lost receipts if they have a system which can search for and reprint receipts for your convenience, but ultimately it’s YOUR responsibility for looking after it and no store can be blamed for not having it for ANY reason.

          • How is the game card, which tracks sales, and the credit card, which they should have invoiced, not constitute proof of purchase?

          • The rewards card doesn’t track sales, it only shows us the accumulated total of the amount you’ve spent in store.
            There was an invoice, they gave it to you to hold on to. It was also your proof of purchase, which you lost.

          • They sold me a faulty product that hadn’t been tested, and wasn’t fit for the purpose it was sold. The game didn’t even load up the menu and it was scratched to hell and back. It’s worth mentioning that I also bought Alan Wake and Halo 3 at GAME, both of which stuffed up due to disc read errors and stopped working. They didn’t test their traded-in games. Which is illegal.

            They were more in the wrong than me. You’ve got to sell functioning products.

          • Wow, you cry harder than most babies. I’m weary with games I buy second-hand and always keep the receipt in it’s cover of which game I bought for at least a week or two.
            I’m in retail as well, and unless I know that I sold it to that customer, there’s nothing I can really do to help them.

          • Yeah I don’t buy second hand anymore. I just get stuff online, and if the next Xbox is region locked then I’ll just import.

          • I’m not crying. I got the game for $8 at EB. It’s just shit customer service at GAME.

          • Do you have any idea how difficult it would be to test ever single pre owned game that comes through the doors? We check the disc (or are supposed to, though some stores were more lax) for scratches and marks and make a decision whether to take it or not, at my store we also show the disc to the customer before we sell them a preowned game. The receipt says that it’s the only proof of purchase and that you need to hang on to it, if you sent the original off to Microsoft, that’s your own fault, there are plenty of places you could have made a copy of the receipt, like at Officeworks or even your local library or Newsagency.

            If the same thing happened at a JB you would have had the same experience, no receipt no return, it’s a common sense.

          • Mate, it is not illegal not to test a 2nd hand game, are you aware of how time and labour intensive that would be?
            It’s illegal not to test second hand firearms, and cars, and aircraft and boats, but they’re all either going to kill you or cost you upwards of $5k to fix. And electronics can be sold broken if the buyer is properly notified that the item is broken and they will have to fix it (See 2nd hand guitar amps, hifi equipment, etc).
            *Always* keep at least two copies of a receipt – in the IT world, data is said not to exist if it doesn’t exist in three copies on three different premises. Most stores cannot search transaction records in a meaningful way, without contacting a head office and trawling through the hundreds of thousands of daily transactions. Even with the correct data and card, searching a database of that size is going to take a damn long time.

            And finally, one arsehole staff member doesn’t mean all staff were arseholes, and they don’t deserve to lose their jobs just because one guy gave you a hard time.

            Now, grow up, the lot of you – he may be a ‘baby’ for being so upset about something this silly, but it is immature to insult someone instead of taking their view apart analytically and telling them *why* they are wrong.

            I’m going to head into the local Game and see what’s happening, might try buy some stuff.
            It’ll be a while before the stores actually close, if no buyer is found (WOW Sight and Sound was dying a few months ago, and is still going. I haven’t heard much about staff conditions, previous orders, etc, though.).

            It’s pretty clear to me that we need better laws surrounding receivership in Australia – the focus should be equally upon creditors and customers who preordered games and other items – customers aren’t often seen as having a valid claim, and the receiver will pretend that the preorders are not a guarantee for a product (Having worked retail, they aren’t a guarantee that you will receive one at launch – the EB I worked at was always significantly understocked, despite being in a mining town with nothing else to do, and having the highest rate of preorders per capita for a few months., but they are supposed to be a guarantee you will get one once you pay off the total of the preorder, as soon as one is available to you.).

          • Plus, sif not look up the past sales on the computer. It was from less than a week ago and it was the same person who sold me all the 360 stuff. Would only take 5minutes to find.

            You’re out of a job because of poor customer service like that.

          • This might be just my local game stores (Campbelltown NSW area) But they actually have the best customer service out of the lot, Note Macarthur Square in campbelltown has EB,Game, Gamestraders, Dick Smith and Big W. And generally are very good when it comes to price match, or looking for a deal. I have Never – ever had a problem here, and i’m sure it’s one of the stores that is actually doing quite well (Note i was able to get D3 Collectors edition from there pre-ordered and they rang me up to confirm it was available)

            You guys might be abit sore about some experiences, but it doesn’t mean all the stores are bad

          • Credit card/bank statements are proof of purchase. Before going on a rant, atleast know entirely what you’re on about.

          • Again, it isn’t that easy, what do you know of the system we use? Are you an ex employee? To get a reprint of a receipt we need to go through a process no matter how old the sale is.

            They should have told you to email customer relations about it, though, but judging by your online demeanour, they probably just wanted you out of the store because you started to get aggressive about it.

          • My mum went in and yelled at them and sorted it out actually lol. Later on it turned out Alan Wake was also scratched, and I had printed off the receipt, but I didn’t care at that point so I just bought it for $15 at K-Mart.

    • I’ve never had to wait longer than 2 weeks to receive a shipped item from OGS and i’ve ordered from them at least 10 times or more.

      • +1. People here keep mentioning the wait, but I usually receive my game within 5 working days. The longest I had to wait was less than a fortnight. I must of made 20 something orders. I think people are just impatient and a couple of days becomes months in their memory.

        • I’m in the same boat. Generally it shows up within 2 weeks for me. The longest was Arkham City but that was only 15 days, counting weekends.

        • Agreed. My average wait is 5-6 days. I believe the longest I’ve waited is about 10 days, but that’s what I get for ordering just before the Easter long weekend.

    • It depends. I’ve ordered alot of games from them, around 20 I’d say and it can vary. The best I’ve had is Dead Island which I preordered and arrived two days after release. The norm though I find is 10-12 working days which I think is the extent of their claimed despatch date. However I have had two games go much longer that I had to chase up. I was told to check with the post office and “safe places”. None of these yielded anything and we were in the process of declaring it lost when it arrived in the order of 35 working days later.

  • I noticed when i walked past there store (in Vic) on the weekend that they had all this ‘buy 2 get one 1 free sale’ and ‘Huge Stock take clearance sale’ plasted all over the windows.

  • Sorry to hear.
    Lets hope there can be some resolution where the stores are still open and not too many loose jobs.

  • Bummer. I found the staff at GAME to be approximately 30% more attractive than the staff at EB. Weirdly enough that’s in correlation to how much cheaper they were too.

    See you at the fire sale.

  • Wow… That’s really sad. So I guess EB has the monopoly now. I still refuse to support EB in any way, shape or form. On another note thank god I got my copy of Diablo today.

  • So uuuh, what about my pre-purchased copy of Diablo 3 Collectors Edition?
    Their site says shipped, but AusPost says it is waiting for collection….

    And they took out the remainder of the money on friday morning…

  • I orderd my Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition from them. They say that it’s shipped, so I just hope that it’s true and I actually get the game.

  • according to my email, my Diablo III CE was shipped this morning? Be interesting to see if i’m gonna receive it.

  • If anyone has any credit, pre orders, lay bys etc at any of the GAME stores around AU, and cannot use them , or only use them in a limited capacity bacause of the above story, before you start ranting and raving at the staff, please stop and think. These people just lost their fucking jobs. Not through fault of their own in any way. You may have lost ten dollars on a pre order, but these people just lost their only means on income,the means of support for their families, and will soon be unemployed. In the final weeks of GAME’s trading, try to grab a bargain, because Im sure there will be plenty,have a joke with the staff, try to make a soon to be jobless person have a little better day, but please, just keep in mind that the staff dont need your shit, they have enough of it coming thier way.

      • Are you freakin serious? On the whole I recieved better service and advise from GAME employees. Picked up some brilliant release day deals (ie eternal sonata for $10) and never had overt probs getting them to honor refunds/replacements. This is mostly service provided by the staff. Retail is a bitch to work in. Show some respect.

    • This makes a GAME employee feel a little better.
      Thank you. Nice too see not all people are ass hats!

    • Yeah one of my mates who I went to school with only got a job there end of last year, I feel sorry him he’s going to lose it & the other two work at my local store are really friendly. I always preferred to buy games there when I was buying retail.

    • Thankyou Steve, it is so upsetting to see the hate on this page for people who just want to keep thier jobs. Good to know there are still nice people out there!

    • Don’t feel too sad. It’s entry level jobs. There’s always a position available in retail, especially for store clerks. Trust me, I’m in retail part time while studying at uni. If one store goes under (like my last job at The Warehouse did) then it’s not a huge amount of effort to find a similar one.

      • Are you serious?
        There are vast swathes of Australia with a local unemployment rate of 15% or higher.
        It is *not* easy to find a job in retail, even if you got lucky.

    • As a GAME employee who will most likely lose their job, because I work in one of the smallest stores, thank you.
      Is it sad that when I got the call, I was less concerned about losing my job and more so about having to deal with angry Diablo customers and being called every name under the sun for something out of my control??

      • My brother manages a GAME, so it’s not all entry-level jobs. Stop and think for a minute, Lachlan.

  • This is making me nervous as I have a pre-order at my local game and online, Should it be a good sign that the game websites reflects that the game has shipped?

  • It was awfully nice of them to charge my credit card for the Diablo 3 – Collectors edition i had pre ordered this morning, that it seems i won’t actually receive. :/

    • Ring your credit card company and get them to cancel that fraudulent transaction. Companies are not permitted to trade whilst insolvent.

    • They got copies of CE and will be shipping it – it’s just standard editions that they won’t be getting.

      • Ah, mine seems to have shipped after all!
        Still sucks, lots of people losing jobs is never a good thing.

  • Well this sucks. With EB being the only games-only stores around, and most other electronics stores not having great prices (or getting out of selling gaming things), we’re pretty screwed. RRP at launch will be just fine for EB. :-\

  • The writing has been on the wall for a while, that said, it’s still quite sad for all the staff. Each store would have at least 6 staff members and with a couple of hundred stores, that’s a lot of people out of a job. All those people gloating about the closure really should keep this in mind when you comment as many of the staff will be reading what you say.

  • Thoughts go out to all staff who will lose their job. Especially considering so many who work at game stores in general are very passionate about their job. Sad face.

  • Damnit I got aboard the “extra shipment” of pre order D3 Collectors Edition from them, They better not keep my 10 dollars

    • Just got a call from my local store, my 10$ for d3 CE will not be able to be refunded at this point in time.

    • agreed. Have been waiting years for this and to find out that theres an admin error :S
      and yeah, my mate has said that the CE’s are ok, but the standard editions may have some problems with stock.

  • how could you order a CE and all have been allocated?

    also, I’ve called up my local GAME store and they told me D3 STD wont be in stock but my CE preorder will in for pick up. Im not sure what will happen to online orders.

  • As a soon to be former staff memeber, I have to appologise to all our customers. We were not informed by the Upper Management of what was happening, even though it is clear now that they knew well in advance.
    Although you can all strike with safety from behind your keyboards, please be kind. We will all be out of jobs soon (if things continue this way) and if any of you are currently imployed I put it to you that if you were in the same position, you would wish to be treated with a little compassion as well.
    Once again, I appologise for what has happened, by there was no deception on the part of your local Game staff.

    • Sucks to hear all this, and hopefully the company gets bailed out by someone and continues to operate. I hate hearing about tonnes of gamers losing their jobs.

    • ^ this. The first time you guys heard about GAME going into admin is the first time the staff have heard, too…not nice to go to work every day wondering if you’ll have a job at the end of it.

    • The only reason to go is for stuff like Diablo 3 and Starcraft II, where the online price is really similar to local stores and you can get the game cheaper by trading in old games. For everything else, there’s Steam or OzGameShop.

  • Update: MY CE shipped on Firday and it has an AUS post tracking number attached, so looks promising so far.

  • Yeah pretty sad that people gloat. These employees (should they close the stores) will have to find ways to feed their families. Must be tough

  • Just called GAME Broadway (Sydney) and they will have their Diablo 3 Collectors editions. No word on standard edition though.

    To be honest I’m not holding my breath so I may be forced to duck in early to make sure they haven’t over committed or something else hasn’t gone wrong.

  • I feel for the staff who might lose their jobs, hopefully they can land on their feet soon.

    Also I hope there is a decent sale.

  • Folks, if you have “store credit” then kiss that goodbye. If they go bankrupt then you’re not a secured creditor. If a scheme of administration is lodged to continue trading then they scheme will almost certainly either devalue or vacate store credits and gift cards.

    The reality of administration is that the shutters come down and nothing moves at all until the administrators have audited the assets, including stock. The priorities of administration don’t go to fufilling customer orders — rather than money you gave them is now an asset, those goods you thought you paid for are now an asset, and you are an unsecured creditor. The priority of administration is to pay the secured creditors, not ship your order, not refund your money.

    If you had the good fortune to pay by credit card for a item you have yet to receive then today is the day to phone your credit card company to cancel that transaction. Because the cash the company does have is in a bank. Banks aren’t stupid, they’ll remove the money they are owed before handing it over. So the only way you’ll see your money is for the bank to get it for you.

  • That sucks. I rarely buy retail anymore but when I do I prefer to give my money to Game, because they offer relativly ok prices and their staff actually knows what they’re doing, than to a place like EB or JB.

      • screw everyone buying online? how dare people buy digital media through means which are efficient, convenient and legal! damn high tech witchery is what that is.

      • Why? Not being facetious, but I legitimately ask – do we. Or more specifically, do we need dedicated games retailers like EB and GAME, or will JB suffice?

        • There are retail stores that are dedicated to phone covers nowdays, surely that is a store that isn’t really required, but first and foremost, a retail presences provides jobs for 1000’s of people and should never be under estimated.

          JB have been okay in the past, as they have picked up some games as exclusives seeing as EB or GAME felt they weren’t popular enough (eg: El Shaddai, Sin & Punishment 2) but they are partly a specialist retailer also focusing on entertainment mediums.

          Yes, there is Big W, Target and some other store, but it’s tough enough to find Day 1 releases with those stores in the first place, so you are still stuck with JB, I also like the option of actually walking into s specialist store and actually talking to the employees about games (I find I can’t actually do this with a JB and/or department stores).

          If trends continue (AU game studios closing, now we have retail stores), it’s pretty sad to think that one of the biggest entertainment mediums in the world, we don’t have any local presence and we are bound to import only.

  • As no-one else has said it yet…
    “Game over, man. Game over.”
    I watched Aliens over the weekend…

  • Big shout out and thanks to Scott and Jade at the Penrith Game store. They were extremely helpful with my Gears 3 issue (Exchanged the disc for a brand new sealed game, it ended up being an issue with my Xbox that was fixed by the next update) and would always remember me, even if I only visited once every 2 months. Hopefully the EB or JB at Penrith can pick them up.

  • Such a shame. My thoughts are with all the employees who rely on Game as a source of income.
    If these guys go then Australian retail can kiss me goodbye, hello cheap imports! Mostly because EB are terrible and other department stores too clueless / unreliable.

  • Lets hope they are not cock suckers like WOW and do the whole not pay staff holidays for a long time and then put “Online Entertainment SuperStore
    Launching in” on their website to piss off employess LOL.

  • EB Games are probably rubbing their hands together with glee, not realising that most of us will still refuse to step foot in their store, even if they were the last ones standing. Internet retail has just received an increase in customer traffic.

  • I feel sorry for my younger brother, I managed to secure him a copy of the CE for Diablo III from GAME, but now it looks like he won’t be able to get the CE for his B’Day.

    My thoughts also go out to all the employees of GAME who will be facing a very uncertain future 🙁

  • I’m indifferent as to how this affects the company itself, but I know some really great people who work for it. I’m hoping GAME gets its shit together for their sake.

  • Omg so much senseless hate on EB, they are the largest game retailer in the world and make bulk $$$$ umad? U sew mad?

    • its funny how you think EB is the largest company in the world, when its actually Gamestop who owns EB Games Australia. fool. they deserve their hate

      • EB is simply Gamestop’s Australian branch, same operating system, all the big decisions made by Gamestop are filtered through to EB. Different name same company, therefore, biggest company. fool. They deserve their hate? why? what has EB personally done to you? so much senseless hate on a good company. You hate them because they do their games at RRP? the reason why JB can do games for $79 is because its a non profit product, they lure you in with cheap games so you buy their TV’s and computers and what not. Guess what? its called a price match? All the games i buy from EB cost me $79 Learn how the retail market works before hating you morons.

  • I’m surprised how many people pre-ordered games with them. The writings been on the wall for a long time – they had no business proposition, needed a buyer fast, and every potential buyer is all ready over committed in the Australian market.

    I feel for the staff. GAME was pretty lousy – I’ve literally bought one game there – but that had nothing to do with the staff, one of whom even flirted with me at Eastgardens. Certainly better than the treatment I get at a lot of retail places.

    • If you are refering to the only girl at that store, you’re probably talking about me – pretty damn sure i wasn’t flirting with anyone 🙂
      If it was one of the guys…well sorry on their behalf 😛

      • It probably wasn’t you. It was about 4.5 years ago – I was buying Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and the game guide. I’m 90% sure it was at Eastgardens BUT I did live quite close to Bondi Junction as well.

        If I recall correctly, the sales assistant in question was a natural blonde with a pink streak, but I could be mistaken. She wrote her number in the jacket of the guide, but I had girlfriend at the time so I never called.

  • I sure hope that if they have a gigantic sale, it doesn’t turn into another dick smith fiasco. I don’t mind employees buying the stuff, it’s just the greedy, ignorant people who expect everything to be theirs.

  • All I can say is, don’t be a jerk to these people who work in the stores right now, so many of Game employees have the possibility of loosing our jobs right now, and while you all make jobs and laugh at the company, just remember the people who really enjoyed being at Game and helping customers out no matter what.

    Of course, if anyone comes into my store acting all high and mighty, i will slap you down a peg or two and call you a dick to your face 🙂

  • What does this mean to those of us that have pre order for other games like Ghost Recon, Assassin’s Creed 3, Street Fighter vs Tekken for Vita etc??

  • I can’t help but think that this is some type of horrible joke to somehow tie in the D3. I mean the DAY BEFORE it launches they announce they won’t be getting any copies? Surely they already have a ton of copies for sale since my order page shows my CE shipped out.

    Shame, I liked Game. I ordered all my CE games from there. Just hope they aren’t BSing and that i’ll actually get my copy tomorrow or i’ll be so pissed. Better keep checking that tracking number for updates because if that moves I know they sent it really.

  • Damn. I love my local Game store. Awesome staff who always greet me by name & up for a chat, & boy do they know their games! I bought alot of stuff from them over the years just because of the great service. I was planning on pre-ordering a Wii U through them too.
    Its gonna be sad when I go to collect my Max Payne 3 pre-order this week from Game. Gonna miss you guys

  • I know the game store I work out had over 150 pre orders 60 of them CE of diablo 3 and we have been told we are getting none of them. I know I had paid my copy in full like so many months ago. And know we have been told we are to call them and say no diablo and you don’t get your money back. Such bull shit we even got emails saying to push pre orders over the weekend. Only to walk in today to be told they lost there money wtf is that about. Even last week when we had 259 empty boxes turn up at the store head office would not even replay to emails from there stores.

    • Your store too? Well its nice knowing my store wasn’t the only one to recieve empty boxes and bubblewrap…

        • We received our boxes bubble wrap and tape today. Ive called up some of the other store managers who my store is close with and theyve all gotten them aswell.
          I was told my my AM that everyone is getting them as a precaution.
          I am on the verge of a breakdown. I have pushed myself and team so hard for the past 3 months to get to where we are and we will all prob close.

          Its honestly really sad.

  • I must be one of the lucky ones. They took out the rest of the money on thursday and shipped it friday to me. So i’m guessing it’s not a total 100% thing that no one is getting D3 from them.

  • that took waaaaay too long to be announced
    insiders told us last Christmas that they’d be closing before Financial Year end and we tapped our fingers and said “Good….Good…” in our best Emperor voices.

  • Will system shows the warehouse got 59 copy’s of CE. Email did say they are only sending them to a few stores

  • Used to shop at my local store frequently, it was a rare occurrance where i would NOT walk out with something after walking in. In part this was due to their competitive prices (my store always had a cheaper price than JB Hifi or EB) but also EXCELLENT customer service. Something happened in 2010, the store was replaced with not so friendly staff, which stripped away my enthusiasm in wanting to support the store, support the company and reward the staff for their friendly service. Thus i voted with my feet and stopped shopping at the store and said hello to the world of importing.

  • While I do feel sorry for those who will lose their jobs to this coming of events, there’s something I just have to say.
    Ha. Moving on.

  • Feel pretty bad for game, as a former eb employee I attended their vender shows and eb used to celebrate the fact game was closing stores and mocking them infront of 400 plus people, they used to have it on a massive screen and have a go at them…………i must say i will never shop at eb games and i will just use ozgameshop……….one other thing when game where closing stores the 1st time the regional directer of eb games went down to the store with a bottle of champange and drank it infront of the staff that had just lost their jobs……..pretty poor if you ask me eb games.

  • No, as an unemployed person I don’t like the sound of all that competition coming on to the job market. These people may just go after jobs I am going for!

  • Called the head office and they told me all diablo orders will be fine but max payne might have problems.

    Probably bs, who know’s for sure.

  • Is a shame; JB people were disinterested in selling me anything, EB hires ditzy blondes with huge tits, but the guys and girls in GAME seemed to be legitimate gamers and actually enthusiastic about their product. RIP>

  • The mongrels owe me about $4000 in unpaid wages. That said, I loved working in my store a few years ago. Good staff, Jeff and Adam in particular and we where all passionate about gamin and had a lot of regular customers who came back because of our service. Thoughts go out to the employees here in Townsville.

  • Hi all

    Just got my confirmation that my D3 CE has shipped from GAME. I ordered through their website last thursday and It says shipped on the 11th. Hopefully this isn’t BS

  • I feel sorry for those people who are going to lose their job but Game deserves this. Their prices were never competitive and every time I went there to price match they would say its way below their margins and the store manager won’t approve it. I will never support retailers like EB or Game who just rip off customers with their criminal RRPs. I would either buy it from JB if I have to have the game on release day or get it online.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from Game. I only know of like 2 in Melbourne, and when I wander in, I wander out emptyhanded. This news bothers me none.

  • The hate some show for GAME, and the happiness they take in this news saddens me. I think GAME is pretty good. I have found them to always have better deals than most other stores (especially EB) And the staff at my local store are always very friendly.
    I feel very sorry for the employees who may lose their job. Have a little respect people.

    I love buying my games at gamestores. Always have and always will. The experience of owning something physical, and the experience of browsing the local store beats digital and online retail everytime, for me.

    I don’t understand why anyone would be happy at this news. We are all gamers, whether we use retail or not. Why would you want our industry to suffer by losing retail stores like GAME? Or to see hundreds of people lose their jobs?

    Hope all ends well and GAME remains.

    • LOL you out of your Mind the Game i when to was Rude and disrespectful and on to off that the overly Price was to high and i ask if they do Price match and guess what they don’t EB might be High sometime and yes something it is cheap but they will always have price match it good that game is going out of business they are a waste of space/air oh and they proof how much an ass they are pushing for pre-order knowing that they are going down the Shitter I have never Bought anything from game before and am so dam happy they it going down they are seriously a waste of space with all that deadly high price i don’t care about buying game in Australia anymore i started to import game 2 years ago over the internet . for Example

      GAME=$110 for the lastest PS3 game

      Online Store/Shopping ect Ebay =$ 49.99 or less

      game in Australia is a rip off this is why game store in Australia is not doing as well as they should be

      • Dont know when you last went to a game store but they have been pretty decent lately, titles have been coming out at 89.95 price points and if they continue to trade, Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed 3 and Halo are all around that price as well.

        BTW get your facts straight before you go bagging out a company that for the most part, has been better than EB in many regards

        • I could barely comprehend your comment but from what little I could understand you were bagging out GAME. GAME is a great store with all their workers sincerely passionate about their jobs and they certainly are not rude, at least not in GAME St Marys

  • The writing was on the wall, well on this site back in March the 22nd. Read the comments to the story about Game UK going under.

    • As an EB employee, tad offended. Every retail company needs to make money, we do it at the RRP and that’s really not that bad, most companies do it. We can easily price match as well. If you don’t want to pay too much, wait for a sale, because we practically have one every week.
      It’s fine if you don’t want to buy games from EB, but don’t hope for the fact that people will lose jobs.

  • Thoughts go out to all Game staff, but particularly those at my local store at Eastland in Ringwood. All of them good people who are enthusiastic about their jobs. I wish them the best and hope it turns out okay for them.

  • the amount of employees on here defending their bullshit rip offs and terrible customer standards is a joke. and i know this as an ex employee who used to be asked to get online and defend their bullshit “procedures” – procedures meaning arrogant lazy store managers who wanted to keep every measley dollar they got their hand on no matter how many customers they lost or laws they broke

    • Why would they ask a store level employee to go online to defend procedures? Large companies always have a pr manager to deal with these and most modern companies actually have a social media representative. I can smell the bitter through the computer monitor

  • I still don’t know why i didn’t get a refund. I THREW MY DISC ON THE GROUND AND SPUN IT ON THE PAVEMENT but they still wanted proof.

  • This is such a terrible thing to hear. Game has been my store of choice for many years now and the people that work there are so kind & caring. What I really hope is that this issue just blows over (all though it’s not likely) and all of the employees put out of jobs can still have a good future.

  • Didn’t think GAME would be lasting much longer cos I usually see 2 – 3 staff at the store just chatting. How can you make enough game sales a day to pay 3 staff a day….

  • The game near me was waaaaaay to over priced, one of the staff there was so arrogant and stupid.
    EB,Game Traders and JB were much much cheaper.

  • although it’s sad that the good employees will be loosnig their jobs, there was a nice girl that was always polite to me.

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