Game-Breaking Bug Discovered In Diablo III

Players are reporting a game breaking bug in newly released Diablo III. The bug kicks players off Diablo III servers, bringing up an Error 3006 message.

The bug is trigger when players interact with the Templar follower early in the game, equipping the Templar with a shield.

Players on Blizzard's Diablo III forums are reporting the bug. Likewise, players on website Eurogamer apparently are experiencing the bug too. The error seems to be specific to the Demon Hunter class.

Blizzard, the game's developer, has yet to release a fix. Online, players are recommending that you do not equip the Templar with any prior to accepting him as a follower.

"Don't trade your equipped shield with the Templar," wrote Diablo III player Laurelin. "The game boots you out, and you can't log back until Blizzard notices and fixes this issue."

Stay tuned.



    Error 3006 Operation Timed out.
    Error 30008 Character creation busy
    This is all I saw yesterday when trying to create a character. Basically the Blizzard servers don't seem to be able to handle the load... for the single player game... considdering the way the legal action against Bioware because people didn't like the end of ME3, I expect to read a story soon about Blizzard getting their arses kicked over this...

      Really? You expected the servers to be working absolutely perfectly for one of the biggest PC launches of the year where every Day 1 player around the world is trying to activate/play the game at the same time?

      Look at the bright side - at least it's naturally going to get better over time - unlike the ME3 ending...

        Jose you are the voice of reason. agree with everything you said, (lets say there is 6,000,000) Say this number of people try to create characters and load into servers. I dont think there is away to avoid crashing is there?

        I expect to buy a single player game, and be able to play that single player game without server connection issues that have no logical reason to exist in a single player game.

        Yes of course. Because every other game ever has had such issues with its launch. You're so right. What fools we all are, to dislike an always online scheme.

        Somebody get this brave man a medal, it takes courage to talk this kind of sense. Not like you naysaying naysayers, who slander and naysay all the long day.

    Classic blizzard, not a single fuck is given by them.

      "Blizzard has acknowledged the issue as a bug and says a hotfix is on the way out."
      (Ars Technica, last night, within an HOUR of the launch.)
      I'd say they give one or two fucks, at least.

    Managed to make it on within 30 mins of the 5pm server online time. My sister and I (both living in opposite states) patiently kept logging in and got through.

    I also then shutdown Diablo iii all together and managed to get back in with no errors or log in issues.

    Furthermore I received no issues with my interface with the templar as the demonhunter.

    From memory this bug was raised during the beta stage.

    I have a day off today to try and play dome D3....fingers crossed they sort this shit out

    Sure like it how you are alll mah beta testers :D, Plan to play Friday (end of work / uni week) with a mate allll day longgg. Blizz will do a fix by then easily, they tend to be decent with their opening day bug fixes.

    Took me an hour and a half before I was able to log in but had been on the forums and already heard about the issues with the Templar. In the D3 forums people have said it occurred with other classes as well but I was able to give the Templar items without any issues last night with my WD.

    That 1 1/2 hour wait was excrutiating but once on it has been beautiful to play. Oh except for the weird lag I got from around 9pm (Sydney time). Everytime I'd throw my jar of spiders at someone it would take a moment and then appear. Guessing this is the price we pay for playing an always online game - even in single player. Though if it gets any worse it could make it unplayable whichis going to force Blizzard to take action.

    One of the benefits of having to travel a bit to and from work. Wasn't able to get home and start installing until 6:30. Started playing around 7:00. One small hick-up with logging in but tried the second time and no problems at all.

    Had this bug but I was also streaming the game through vpn. Once download finished game was fine

    tears form Diablo III players fuel me.

    I'm surprised the amount of problem people have playing a single player game... oh wait..

    Is there a way to get trail. the game looks kinda meh to me not into games like this.
    but i would like to give it a chance to prove me wrong.

      find a friend who bought a hard copy, it comes with 3 free passes for you to give out to mates. think it gives you 7 hours or something.. well thats how the SC2 passes worked...

        I think it gives you full access to the amount we could play in the open beta.

    Hooray for games with forced internet connections.

    I got to play for 18 minutes, experience was good.

    Good old PC gaming. Never fails to give me a chuckle.

      Because consoles have never had any issues with servers going down or game content being unaccessible due to server errors?

    I was in a public game with 3 other people for just over an hour and a half last night.
    It was glorious :)

    My friends list shows no-one even though I've added them and they've accepted. Says I'm offline to them...But I'm not?

    wait, why does it need servers for a single player game?

    A single game breaking bug? Just take a look at this

    The entire game is completely fucked. The retail version of the game has problems installing, and the digital installer is a complete joke that has been cusing problems for everyone trying to be prepared for the launch. Everything is blow up in their face and are being forced to download everything all over again, only to have the exact same thing happen.

    This huge pool of complaints might be the result of Blizzard's larger than average amount of customers, but the fact that one of gaming's most massive and succesful names has royal fucked up a long awaited title with ill-deployed DRM is nothing short of dissapointing .


      I had 0 problems downloading the installer- pre loading - patching -logging - playing.

      I am the 1%

        i'll join you in that 1%

        no issues, logged in started playing

          For every person complaining on the forums, there are far more out there that had it go perfectly. It's a vocal minority (justified, of course, it sucks when games don't work) that's skewing the perception of the launch.

            Agreed. No problems here

              only minor issues getting online. Had a blast with many friends online too.

              I think the real problem here is the growing entitlement issues in parts of the gaming community.

      I guess im just so awsome the game was afraid to give me any problems.
      Installed without a problem and i played for a good 4 Hours last night with only the odd 1-2 second lag spike maybe ever 20 minutes or so.

    Mine downloaded the 8gb in just over 60 minutes, installed fine, logged in and played perfectly. Only had a bit of server lag at around 8pm perth time

    hmm, i could never open up he templars inventory before he became a follower, i could only open it up after he go his armour back)

    I pre downloaded and installed the game when they unlocked installer 8am on the 14th. never had issues log-in either.

    Its a bug from the Beta.... which I'm pretty sure has been fixed.

    All good for me, logged on 3hrs after the servers went up, got the 3006 message a couple of times, waited 10mins and then got through no problems. Played for the rest of the night :)

    Yea no problems for me either. Got to level 10 with my Monk. Kicked A$$ all the way! Hiya!

    Had this been Sony or Nintendo, ALL TEH INTERNETZ would be exploding. But you fanboy dunces in the games media who fawn over this company write up a few stories of actual news reporting. Had this been Sony there would be a bunch of editorial American vitriol describing how incompetent the Japanese are, saying they "just don't get it". Sucked in America.

      Yeah... it's ridiculous that people aren't upset about this or the online only single player.

    Brian nobody cares

      Are you retarded? This is KIND of important if it is true that you're unable to get back on until its fixed.
      Now that I know this, I won't be attempting it, that's for sure.

      Yeah! How dare he try to prevent people from being locked out of a game they payed for!

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