Game Of Thrones' Intro Replaces Gears With LEGO

It's, um, not quite as slick as the official HBO version. It's definitely not as well lit. But the combination of craftsmanship and charm still makes this worth a watch.

Just remember, dudes building LEGO with a stop-motion camera are a little slower than fancy computer graphics.

I love the soundtrack. It's like Game of Thrones: a Super Nintendo Role-Playing Game.

GoT - A Clash of LEGO [YouTube]


    Brace yourselves, more game of thrones articles are coming.

    Luke Logic: Got Game in the title? This will be one of my "articles" for the day.

    Oh, it's to do with a TV show?

    Make up a couple of sentences that amount to a youtube comment. Slap "Nintendo" and "Role-Playing Game" into the "article" to make it sound a little more gaming related.

    Surf reddit for the rest of the day.

      Oh get over it. I'm glad Luke posted this otherwise i would never have seen it.

    Wowthatwasawesome. Dunno how they found the time to do that...

    All you people bagging Luke, do you realise you guys are the ones actually ruining the kotaku experience for many? I never even realise who authors the articles except when I come and read aggressive and negative comments from you guys.

    If you don't like an article, then skip it. Don't get so aggressive and direct such elaborate insults to one person. If you saw Luke face to face, would you use such cruel language in front of a group of people on a daily basis?

      You should see how I treat my kids. Little karnts.

    Music was terrible. everything else was great. Could've been better. Could I have done it though? No

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