GameStop Offering $5000 Reward For Capture Of Armed Bandit

As much as this sounds like a Red Dead Redemption marketing stunt, it's a real thing.

Police in Texas are on the lookout for a man believed to be on a GameStop-robbing spree, hitting as many as five stores in the state.

Having robbed a store in Haltom City at gunpoint, they believe he's also the man responsible for the hold-up of GameStop stores in Watauga, Roanoke, North Richland Hills and Hurst as well.

In addition to appeals from Police for information, GameStop itself is offering $US5000 for information leading to his arrest. He's pictured above, so if you feel like ripping this off the screen, stuffing it in your vest and riding off into the sunset to get your man, go knock yourself out, cowboy.

GameStop robber suspected in series of DFW holdups [Star Telegram, thanks Kyle!]


    Just because this story is about GameStop doesn't make it video game related. /le sigh

      But, he is wearing a Yankees cap, and the Yankees play baseball, and basball is a GAAMMEEEE.....
      Chee.... isn't it obvious?

      - Increasing public awareness about a criminal robbing game stores, and the reward for his capture.
      - Gets a "/le sigh".

        Ignorance, ignorance everywhere!

        Maybe...except this article is about a guy in Texas...this website is Kotaku AU.
        From the 'about' section:
        "We cover the Australian gaming industry with a team of award-winning local journalists, and localise the best posts from the US, making sure to eliminate what’s irrelevant for Aussies."
        I guess someone missed that 'irrelevant' part

          Ok, so lets not concentrate on any news about any games from overseas at all, because they're not from Australia. Seriously guys take the poles out of your asses. This wasn't a bad story.

          Except that Luke posts for kotaku US, and then the content is fed through to us.

          Who's ignorant now?

            Wow, way to not read my comment...
            "making sure to eliminate what’s irrelevant for Aussies."
            I KNOW that Luke is from Kotaku US, I know that Kotaku AU localise the US stories (I just said that before). The problem is that they're supposed to 'eliminate what’s irrelevant for Aussies.'

            As for Weresmurf, do you really think I was trying to say all overseas news is irrelevant in Australia? seriously growup, there's a difference between overseas game news and a story about some random guy robbing a few stores in Texas...
            I heard some guy walked in and stole a 2 Wii's from the back room of my local Kmart a few weeks ago, perhaps that's great gaming news too....

              A Gamestop got robbed and they put up a reward for it. Kotaku isnt just about videogame news itself, its about cosplay, its about videogame culture, its about videogame related news. Related. Re-lated. If there was something interesting about those two wiis like a gunfight broke out, or he got nabbed in some interesting way, sure, go ahead and post it, but I'm sure you'd find a way to bitch about that too...

          Actually, this article interested me greatly, even though -- as you were wise enough to point out -- I'm Australian. GameStop's an American company, sure, but the message being brought forth here that I can see is not where the company is, but what the company is doing to prevent further losses from this punk. Makes one wonder how desperate a company can get to crush somebody targetting them like that.

      Herp-derp. Not everything has to be video game related. This is though. Only problem is it's completely ant to us.

      It kind of is video game related when the guy is exclusively robbing video game stores...

      Go into the news category and something and quit your bitching. Fuck

    ^ You had your funny bone removed at birth?

    I find it amusing that someone can rob 5 stores quite clearly without any form of face concealment and get away with it. Shows that Texas police are somewhere between crap and useless.

    god speed highway man.

    Yippie Ki Yay Mother F**ker!

    Seeing as he will be caught within the month, can we have a special Kotaku name guessing game?
    Closest guess wins.... nothing. But still fun.
    My guess is:
    Ernie Ralderman


      Is this a good idea?

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